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Inflation Stands At 3.44% In The First Half Of November

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) registered a variation of 3.44 percent in the first half of November compared to the same period last year, the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported on Tuesday .

This figure represented its lowest level since the first half of June of this year , when it stood at 3.17 percent.

Thus, inflation returned to the target range set by Banco de México (3 percent, +/- one percentage point).

The underlying price index , which is the one that excludes products with high price volatility from its accounting, had an annual variation of 3.68 percent, which represented its lowest level since the first half of June, whose data was 3.66 percent.

In its interior, the prices of services were located at 2.25 percent at an annual rate, which presented its highest record since the second half of March 2016, on that occasion it was 2.18 percent.

The rise in merchandise prices was 5 percent at an annual rate, its lowest level since the second half of June, when it stood at 4.88 percent.

Meanwhile, the non-core balance , which accounts for products that present high volatility in their prices, such as agricultural products or fuels, increased to 2.67 percent.

This is its smallest rise since the first half of June, when it rose 1.63 percent.

In a disaggregated manner , the prices of agricultural products were located at 7.62 percent, while those of energy and tariffs authorized by the government presented a deflation of 0.85 percent, this compared to the same period last year.

As for the price index of the minimum consumption basket, it registered a rise of 0.11 percent every two weeks and 3.61 percent annually.

In its monthly comparison, inflation had a variation of 0.04 percent.

Electricity and professional services prices rise
The products that increased the most in price and that had a greater impact on inflation during the first half of September were electricity (22.74 percent); professional services (9.58 percent); egg (2.62 percent) and chicken (1.91 percent).

The products that presented a reduction in their costs were the tomato (13.38 percent); lemon (10.88 percent); zucchini (9.31 percent) and avocado (6.09 percent).

By state, those with the highest price increase were Sonora (3.64 percent); Sinaloa (2.91 percent); Baja California Sur (2.2 percent) and Baja California (1.83 percent).

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