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#Legal Talks- Easy Tips For Changing Your Legal Name

Our name is one of the first gifts we receive from our parents and elders. We have to accept it and live with that name. Unless one decides they want to change their name. But why will anyone want to change their name anyway? There are many reasons. 

Maybe they dislike their name. One of the main reasons why many people choose to change their legal tag is because they dislike it. A person’s name can remind them of a painful past. Like, after divorce, changing back to old surnames. People also change their names to honor someone/something or spread a message. Same -Gender marriage is not legal everywhere. So, some couples started changing their name to the same surname. Trans change their name to masculine, feminine, or something which defines their sexuality. 

People say what’s in the name, yet, this name affects our daily lives. The name speaks a lot about the person. Someone who only knows your name may form an opinion about you without even knowing you. A person’s name can inspire them to do great things in life. After changing their name, when people look at their past selves, they see a different person. With a new name, one gets the chance to be a new person. 

#1 But how can one change their name? 

Changing your name sounds like a difficult task, but it’s just paperwork and does not take too long. There are different ways of changing your name. Continue reading to learn how you can change your name, but before that, you need to know about conditions related to the name change. 

#2 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Be mentally prepared. Getting a new name may cause anxiety because sometimes it feels like turning into a new person and leaving your old self behind. If you don’t like it, then don’t proceed with the name changing. Put some thought and talk with your parents and friends before making the decision. 

Before legally changing your name, ask your family and friends to start calling you by your new name. By doing this, you will get used to it and know whether you like it or not. 

Although you can choose whatever name you like, select a name that won’t offend people and isn’t racist. Also, if you are trying to change your name to escape any debt or criminal liability, then you can’t change your name. 

If you aren’t the legal age, then you would need your parent’s or guardian’s permission to change your name legally. Adults don’t require anybody’s permission to change their name. 

#3 Courts 

You can have your name changed by visiting your nearest court. Your country or state can have different laws regarding the name change. So, visit your local court to get legal information. Many countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and others use a deed poll to change names. Using a deed poll, both an adult or a kid can change their name legally. It won’t take much time or effort.

#4 Update Documents

There are some things you must do after changing your name. You should update your new name at all official places like banks, offices, schools, Social Security Administration, passport office, post office, and other locations. 


Now that you have changed your name – Don’t forget to tell your friends, colleagues, and classmates about your new name. Getting used to the new name will take time, but it is a fun experience! Although it takes a lot of planning, changing your identity is an extremely rewarding process. Everyone must try it at least once! Let us know if these tips helped you.

Happy name hunting!

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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