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The Bank That Builds Trust Of Customer

Apriori, all banks seem the same. After all, most of them offer more or less similar financial products and services. But reality shows that this is not the case.

The latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking report , prepared by the independent consulting firm Stiga, concludes that Banco Mediolanum is the one that generates the highest overall satisfaction index among Spanish banking customers: the score reaches 8.35 points out of 10, compared to 7.48 on average obtained by the other 16 banks analyzed.

The study has been carried out since 2012, and examines the banking sector based on the responses of users of financial institutions. In the results of this ranking , Mediolanum has also been the best valued by its clients in nine other categories.

One of the aspects that respondents score the most is the clarity and timeliness with which they receive information about their accounts (8.45 compared to 7.71 for the competition). Another of the issues best valued by clients is the relationship established with their manager, one of the factors that differentiate Banco Mediolanum’s business model.

The entity offers a personalized service to users through its financial advisers, its Family Bankers: specialists who help them plan their savings and investments, based on their needs. This trust relationship translates into a score of 8.83, above the 8.41 for the rest of the entities.

Precisely, customers appreciate trust, as well as transparency and personalization of the entity. They are the so-called intangibles of relation that obtain as a whole an 8.04 compared to 6.79 in the sector.

The same happens with the range of products, commissions and interests that the bank offers its users, a competitive offer that has obtained a score of 7.84, compared to 6.01 for the other banks.

In addition, clients link the Banco Mediolanum brand to values ​​of financial strength and solvency, as it has shown throughout its 38-year history.

Today the bank stands out for a modern image adapted to the new digital times and committed to the advancement of society. Here, it scores an 8.20 versus 7.43 for the competition.

Banco Mediolanum has also been ranked among the best valued banks in internet and mobile banking services ( app and web), which shows the will and commitment to a model that combines the best of technology with personalized financial advice. In fact, the entity closed 2019 with 69% of digital clients and a 77% share of mobile users. Satisfaction with the Telephone Attention Service stands out especially, reaching a score of 8.78.

The sum of all these factors is what makes Banco Mediolanum obtain the best percentage of committed customers, 33.7% compared to 25.9% for the rest of the banking system. People willing to buy or hire products and services again, and to recommend the bank to other people.

Banco Mediolanum obtains the best bank valuation for the treatment received by its financial advisors’ clients.

“The results confirm that our commitment to offer personalized advice supported by a complete multichannel banking service responds to the needs and expectations of savers,” admits Banco Mediolanum’s CEO, Igor Garzesi.

The study endorses, in short, a way of understanding and doing banking that has not changed in almost four decades, and that has generated a climate of trust, closeness and proximity with customers, who recognize the efforts of the entity. A hallmark of quality brand of the house.

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