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10 Most Profitable Investment Funds

The turbulent year of the pandemic has not prevented Spanish investment funds from closing the year with a positive average return of 0.7% and many of them have offered double-digit returns to their participants in 2020.

These gains are higher than 30% in the case of the ten most profitable Spanish products, which mainly include funds that invest in technology trends and the digital economy, especially the US Stock Market.

According to Vdos data , the ranking is led by the ‘ Alcalá Multigestión Oricalco ‘ fund , which has gained 157%. The fund managed by Creand Asset Management – until now Gesalcalá – of the Credit Andorrá group has been the absolute winner, by far.

It is mainly invested in equities focused on megatrends, category is flexible mixed and has the advice of Driemut SL of Diego Bernabéu Ugarte.

“We have taken advantage of different aspects as raw materials, especially in gold and silver and mining of raw materials; the rise of the electric vehicle; the ‘cloud computing’ focused on the ‘blockchain’ sector and investments in ‘e-commerce’ companies, very benefited by the global situation “, explains the director of investments in Spain of Creand AM, Luis Buceta, who leads the management team.

In second place by profitability appears the ‘ Bankinter USA Nasdaq 100 ‘, with an annual profit of 44.73%. This fund of the Bankinter manager is a passive management vehicle that follows the American index of technology companies, which has obtained a similar return in the year, and has an exposure of almost 100% to equities.

The ‘top 3’ is completed by the ‘ Sabadell Economía Digital ‘ fund , from the manager Sabadell AM – of the Amundi group – with a 40.04% return in 2020, according to Vdos.

The vehicle invests through other investment funds in various topics such as artificial intelligence and ‘big data’, digital health or global technology. In addition, it makes direct investment in companies such as Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, known as ‘FAANG’, which account for 25% of the portfolio.

“The outlook for 2021 remains positive, probably with revaluations that will remain below the extraordinary result of 2020, but with a scenario of global economic recovery expected for next year, we consider that an expected return of between 15% and 20% could be perfectly achievable “, Sabadell AM’s client investment director, José Antonio Pérez, told Europa Press.

In fourth position is the ‘Dux Umbrella Trimming USA technology’, which gained 40.03% in 2020, with a strategy that has also benefited from the performance of US international equities and high exposure to the technology sector. It is a fund of the Spanish ’boutique’ Dux Inversores, of the Altegui group, chaired by Alberto Erhardt.

It is followed in profitability with 36.31% last year by the fund ‘Renta 4 Multigestión Andromeda Value Capital’, from the manager of the Renta 4 Banco group, which is advised by Andromeda Value, led by Flavio Muñoz.

The fund usually invests in sectors such as technology and the media and has also benefited from its commitment to sectors such as cybersecurity, video games or cloud companies.

Andromeda attributes the good results to the general portfolio and not to specific companies. “In 2021 the fund will not match the progress of 2020 simply because the environment is very different.

This year there is much more a correlation between the underlying economy and monetary policy,” Andromeda sources explain to Europa Press, although they trust that the “good companies at the right prices” in which the fund invests allow it to deliver a “positive” result at the end of the year.

The sixth and seventh position in the 2020 ranking by profitability among funds domiciled in the country correspond to two compartments advised by the fund ‘Gestión Boutique III’, which is managed by the Andbank group, which has managed to include three funds on this list in 2020.

It deals with the ‘PFA Global Mixed Flexible’ compartments, with 33.36% in the year, and the ‘R3 Global Balanced’, which gained 33.28% throughout 2020. The ‘PFA Global Mixed Flexible’ has its portfolio fully invested in equity mutual funds, mainly in the United States and Europe.

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