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How to Entertain Yourself Online in 2021

They say that online slots, also known as slots or slot machines, are among the most random casino games out there. But that does not mean that there are no tips, tricks, and recommendations for betting money responsibly and with higher profits (or lower losses).

That is to say, and to be clear: there are no safe strategies to win at online slots. The reason is that they are programmed so that only between 3% and 8% of the slot games or bets are winners. The probability of winning something in a game with a slot machine is 18.3% of the time it is played.

But don’t be discouraged! What there are the tricks to minimize losses and play responsibly to obtain the highest profits? Next, we are going to teach you 6 slot strategies to be successful at online slots.

1. Take advantage of the slot with bonuses and free spins

To inspire their customers to keep playing, most of the best online casinos provide welcome incentives to draw new players and reward schemes. They usually send newsletters by email or publish their promotions in some section of their website.

These promotions can be, for example, that they give you a bonus without an initial deposit so that you can try their slot games in a real way but without investing money, that they double what you enter as a deposit to play, or even that they return a percentage of the losses during a certain time; so they are an excellent option to minimize losses and to obtain a greater amount to play with.

Of course, it is important to consider the characteristics, rules and restrictions of these promotions, since the most common is that you have to meet certain conditions to be able to collect later the benefits (such as betting X times the amount of the bonus received ).

2. Choose the right slot

An important variable to take into account to make money playing online slots is the machine to choose. There has been a lot of talk about false myths and legends about choosing a slot machine of dubious reliability. However, there are some recommendations to keep in mind when choosing the arcade machine that benefits you more than others:

  • Choose online slots with the highest payout percentage. We will explain this point to you in the next section.
  • Choose slot games that have good pay tables. We will explain this point below.
  • Play casino slots, not bars (if you’re playing physical slots).
  • The reason is one: the payback (payment rate) of the online slots of this type of premises is usually much lower than in physical and online casinos.
  • In casinos, the percentage of return goes from 95% to 99%, while in other types of premises it can go from 50% to 75%
  • Avoid progressive machines.

Playing a progressive machine to win the jackpot can be very tempting. And if it occurs regularly, the probability of winning in this method is the same as that of winning the lottery. In addition, most have a requirement that you bet with the maximum bet, so you have to have a huge budget to support the game.

3. Choose online slots with the highest payout percentage

As we have said previously, slot machines (or most machines in general) are designed to not extend 92-97 percent of the bets as “truly” winning bets. In a casino, pub, or game room with an electronic device, the odds of winning with each spin are poor. However, the chances will decrease if you do not pick the game very well on which system you play (it’s doesn’t matter if it is online or traditional in a casino, bar, or game room) and win.

Now the issue is this: If I go to a 188bet casino, what percentage of my total money will I get for each slot machine?

  • Online slots: you can switch to the reviews written by the casino platforms themselves. You can also find out about casino communities where people discuss their information and expertise.
  • Certain physical locations (e.g., casinos, pubs, gaming halls) have slots where you can put coins or coupons in order to play. It is also useful to look at a particular slot machine to see if it pays a lot of prizes per day or not.

4. Choose the slot games with the best Pay Tables

Many casino websites have a paytable, where they display the payouts which have been earned over the last few hours in the various sports, going along with the sums received in those games. You would also realize how much the individual who won wagered in order to be allowed to do that.

Using this knowledge to your benefit! Take a glance back at your favorite slot games and affirm which earn you the most money and offer the best value.

5. Take into account the different types of online slots

Instead of utilizing sophisticated cryptographic schemes in these, they depend on the same dice roll as most slot machines. In other terms, they are games of luck and probabilities or statistics cannot forecast their action at all because all the numbers or symbols have the same likelihood of occurring in any of the new spins.

While I would accept that the possible variations in the odds of earning rely primarily on the form of slots you play. Nonetheless, I think it is interesting to note that there are various styles of slot machines because the different types have varying features, meaning players have a better probability of winning money in their chosen play (or lower).

An example is a potential sum of pay lines (between 1 and 5) during the spin of the slot machine, the number of numbers or labels on the reels of the slot machine (between 1 and 6) or whether or not there are any bonus rounds during the free spins of the slot machine. These factors affect the way your game is, so it’s crucial to hold these in mind and not forget them.

6. If you win a progressive jackpot, change the game

If you’ve won a lot of money in a purely gambling casino game, switch over and try another one because the casino game you won will probably not return you a big pot.

It may even happen if the slot machines have no initial wagers. If you have earned the jackpot, it can be reset. You will choose to pick from the same probability of winning. Because in the case of the progressive jackpot, in the rare chance that you won this number, that it wouldn’t be anything for you is great because the odds of winning a progressive jackpot is very slim, but the outcome is fantastic.

If you win a radical jackpot, our advice will be to quit playing and go out to enjoy your good fortune.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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