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4 Tips to Buying Property in Clapham

Clapham is famously known as the home of Holy Trinity Clapham around the world. In the 19th century, the Clapham Sect campaigned for abolishing the slave trade, which first put Clapham on the map. Now, Clapham is a relatively affluent district in South London. This residential suburb is known for its opulent High Street, filled with posh dining options, gourmet pizza spots, wood-panelled pubs, patio bars and rather happening nightclubs. Clapham is a rather posh place to live, with a universal belief that only the posh and ultra-rich live in this high-end district. With a crime rate much lower than the London average, Clapham is a very safe place to live and bring up your family.

According to Rightmove and Zoopla, Clapham ranked number three in the list of areas with the highest demand in London for properties over £2 million. Despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the property market, Clapham is considered to be a prime property hotspot in London! If you’re looking for properties in Clapham, now is an excellent time to get in touch with Clapham estate agents. Before you start looking at potential properties and negotiating a deal, here are the four most important tips that you need to keep in mind before buying property in Clapham.

Hire local experts to find the best property for you

If you’re looking to buy property in Clapham, you should find local experts. Hire real estate agents or letting agents in Clapham, as these local agents are well aware of the current market value, the best areas to buy a property and the various laws and taxes that might apply to your purchase. Using local experts, you will be able to find a property that meets all your requirements without wasting too much time, and most importantly, without paying an overvalued amount for your new home.

Take advantage of the fall in prices

There has been a massive price reduction in the costs of real estate in Clapham in the last ten years. Clapham homeowners face a dilemma; either reduce their asking price by a significant amount or risk not selling their properties for a long time. First-time buyers and potential new homeowners make the most of this fall in prices by rushing to invest in property in this posh district. Clapham has become a trendy area among young professionals and first-time buyers due to the fall in average prices of real estate. These new homeowners can now buy spacious homes that they can call their own without paying exorbitant prices for the same. If you’re interested in owning property in Clapham, you should make the most of this reduction in real estate prices before it is too late. 

Understand the different areas and where you should buy property

Areas in Clapham are divided; some locations have three and four bedroom houses that are luxurious and highly valued. Some have small apartments and studios, while other areas are known for their spacious and affordable two and three bedroom maisonettes. Before you start looking at properties, you need to understand which area you want to own a home in. Homes located on Franconia Road, Narbonne Avenue, Abbeville Road, and those near Abbeville Village are usually spacious three to four bedroom properties with terraces and lush green gardens. On the other hand, Clapham Junction has some great two and three bedroom apartments, which are very modern and relatively affordable. The properties in and around Mandalay Road and Hambalt Road are also known for the reasonable prices and central locations – these are usually two, three and four bedroom homes which are very centrally located and have fantastic transport links. Even Nine Elms has some posh penthouses, luxurious apartments and chic houses which are well-priced! Get in touch with estate agents in Nine Elms and Clapham to find the perfect property for you.

View as many properties as you can

Before you decide which property you want to buy, see as many properties as you possibly can. For example, if you’re interested in buying a two-bedroom house in Clapham, have a look at all the two-bedroom homes that are available and meet your requirements, and alongside, have a look at a few three-bedroom houses which are in the similar price range. By seeing all the possible options, you might just be able to get a three-bedroom house which meets all your requirements without really moving around your budget. Due to the fall in the prices in the recent years, coupled with the urgency of a few sellers and the fact that the government has announced a stamp duty holiday, you might just find a prime property at a great price. 

To get started, get in touch with Orlando Reid, South West London and Central London estate agents.

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