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Can You Access European Funds

How can I access European funds ‘ Next Generation EU as a company ? This is the question that many companies, especially SMEs , are asking themselves these weeks because of the fear of being left out of the rain of up to 140,000 million in six years that correspond to Spain.

The Roca Junyent law firm and the public administration consultancy specialized in the management of European funds, Daleph , have decided to launch a pioneering service in the market, dubbed ‘Test IN’ to allow companies to identify and assess “if their plans and / or projects are eligible for funding or grantsand, where appropriate, accompany them in adapting to the required criteria and obtaining funds.

“All of this will be articulated through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan presented by Spain to the European Commission last October.

The service is launched after the General State Budgets and the Royal Decree-Law of urgent measures for the modernization of the Public Administration and for the execution of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan come into force. Through ‘Test IN’, interested companies will be able to analyze whether their plans and projects are likely to receive financing or subsidies.

All this based on a legal-strategic analysis that, among others, will assess the alignment of the project with the Government’s plans, the General State Budgets, which include 27,000 million from this source, and the new Royal Decree Law. identify if projects have a place as PERTE(Strategic Projects for Recovery and Economic Transformation), created to favor public-private collaboration, or, where appropriate, existing alternatives and pathways.

With this initiative, Roca Junyent consolidates its position as the law firm of companies, thanks to the development of services that anticipate both the needs of organizations and society. Daleph brings his expertise, especially in managing community funds.

The executive president of Roca i Junyent, Joan Roca; and the general director of Daleph, Gregorio Cascante , sealed the agreement with which they intend to attract companies interested in undertaking or participating in projects that can benefit from European funds in areas ranging from digitization to the energy transition , among others.

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