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5 Photo Collage Templates to Promote a Clothing Store

When you look around you, it is evident that clothes are not mere vanity but a necessity. If you’re in this business, congratulations because you are fulfilling a need! Clothes protect the body and sense of privacy. At the same time, it possesses the power to represent a person’s personality. It also tells a lot about the character even if the mouth stays shut. Unfortunately, you have many other competitors vying for the same market.If you are clueless about the design, fret not! Have you tried’s free collage maker?

 If you want your clothes to get picked for that perfect OOTD (outfit of the day), then you must have stunning product galleries. Luckily, you can count on’s collage maker to make stunning visual displays. 

Why Use Visuals to Sell Clothes?

You must display stunning images of your clothes in-store and online. Remember, people also want to see what your clothes look like when people wear them. So whether you have a brick and mortar store or an e-shop, you must use a variety of beautiful pictures to showcase your clothing collection. Besides, human eyes are naturally drawn to pretty objects. Your pic collages will surely be a treat for your clients’ eyes, hooking them to your store and NOT your competitors. You can use your photo collages for the following:

  • Create in-store signage and displays to draw the eye
  • Creating wayfinding posters to increase foot traffic to your boutique 
  • Crafting website product photos to show many clothing angles
  • Accompanying pictures for blog articles
  • Sprucing up your announcements for social media and your profile itself
  • Improve your e-newsletters, e-vites, and e-coupons
  • Printing materials like flyers, in-store inserts, packing materials, or freebies like calendars

Photo Ideas Using Top 5 Collage Maker Template

You save money with this free photo collage maker because you can get by WITHOUT hiring an expensive graphic designer. And even if you’re a total newbie, you can still use this platform because of the very easy to use interface. With our templates, just drag your best photos to your desired location and you’re finished. Best of all, we make photo uploads easy from your phone, FB account, or Google Dropbox. If you are feeling unsure, consider these top 5 design ideas using our templates to promote your clothing store.

  1. Use Social Media Templates to Make Your Profile Stand Out

With so many competitors selling the same clothes, you must rely on social media marketing to rev up your sales. Today’s modern people use social media daily to connect with loved ones, interact with strangers, read the news, or find entertainment. If you want to grow your brand, you need to rely on FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Remember, more than 5 billion people own a mobile device, and within each gadget are at least two social media apps. 

To help you create social media marketing materials, use’s collage maker template like FB covers or Twitter headers. They also have image resizers for all the platforms mentioned above. With these tools, you can create amazing backgrounds and posts to make your profile stand out. Pay close attention to your profile header because this is the first thing people see when they check out your page. As such, you must make a good impression.   

To illustrate this, the FB cover template allows you to use 7 images in your profile in one go. Even if there is limited space, you can maximize its multiple pictures. You can also rest easy knowing your work will not get distorted, whether in landscape or portrait view. 

  1. Create 15 Ways to Wear a Product Using a 15 Grid

Why not try a simple grid to create an infographic teaching your clients how to wear one product in 15 ways? Customers love seeing how they can style the stuff they buy from you. So go ahead and provide them with this pictorial guide to encourage them to buy. As its name suggests, this grid allows you to use 15 images. You can choose to add words or stickers to make your project loads of fun!

  1. Hype Up Posts With The Highest Quality Template 

You will love this collage maker’s highest quality template because it allows you to use 9 pictures in one go. This is perfect for making in-store displays, newsletters, packing materials, and blog photos. As the owner, of course, you want your clients to know that you sell quality merchandise. Authentic and premium pieces offer better durability, longevity, and versatility. Show your clients that they get a better cost per wear using this template. Check out the benefits of using a free multi-image maker like

  • Fits the size of your medium
  • Uses multiple photos in one frame
  • Attracts more followers on social media
  • Creates a good first impression online and in-store
  • Encourages audience engagement promoting website AND foot traffic
  1. Show Guarantee With a Money-Back Template 

Anyone who has ever bought anything online knows that it can be tricky. First, the clothes may not fit. Second, you may be disappointed with the material. Third, it doesn’t meet your expectations. There are more possible excuses. But here’s the thing: as a business owner, you know that your customer is the KING. 

As such, if they are dissatisfied with their purchase, they should be able to return it without glitches. Show your guarantee using this 9 grid Money Back Template that you can customize with fonts, stickers, and colors. Through this, you’ll encourage more clients to buy your products because they know you will refund or allow returns in case the clothes don’t meet their “expectations versus reality!”

  1. Show Promos with a Special Offer Template

Fashionistas love the word SALE! You must use our Special Offer template to attract buyers to your promos. This template allows you to use 4 pictures, and in the middle of the image, you’ll find a cute promo sticker. How fun! We will keep our eyes glued to the front and center of your announcement online, through email messages, in-store posters, or promotional flyers. Everyone loves a good sale, so make this bold announcement so your customers can take advantage of your hottest deals. 

Final Wrap Up

Many of our followers declare that our digital solution is a godsend. Just imagine what we can do with your clothes! Unlike premium software which you have to pay for, you can use for free, with no hidden charges. You also don’t have to pay a designer, upgrade your PC or buy a separate hard disk to save those images. Our cloud takes care of those high megabytes so you can craft your heart out anytime, anywhere! 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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