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What is the Best Way to Sell Your House

Selling a house can be a very stressful time especially as it often happens out of our control. Life challenges might be forcing you to sell unfortunately. Alternatively, perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who’s upgrading with an ever-growing family. Either way, you’re dealing with a stressful time, possibly even with children, dogs or cats in tow. You therefore want to make sure you choose a good Realtor Vancouver professional who can be both a business partner and advisor.

Whether you do your own market research or not, you should be able to rely on your Realtor Vancouver professional to explain the ins and outs of the process. Of course it’s always good to have some background information but it’s not an absolute necessity. However, you can rest assured that you are protected from any fraud because the industry is regulated. You can even look up your agent and their brokerage in the Real Estate Council of British Columbia.

Set up your Process

Selling a house is a process, just like any other major change or decision in your life. The more you structure your process, the more likely you’ll avoid surprises and any mishaps. The main steps are summarized below:

  • Define your needs and ti1meline
  • Research and choose your Realtor Vancouver professional
  • Determine price and timing of listing
  • Get Your House Ready for Viewings
  • Negotiate and Sign

Define your Needs and Timeline

Is this an urgent sale to help your finances or family situation? Alternatively, perhaps you have all the time in the world. Many people need to juggle selling one house to then use that money to buy the next one. As luck would have it, you often find your next house before you’ve sold the first one. Talk to your Realtor Vancouver professional though and get their thoughts on timing. Perhaps they can even help you with your next purchase and manage those timings more seamlessly.

Research and Choose your Realtor Vancouver professional

The easiest way to do this is to walk around your area and walk into the different real estate offices. You’ll also get a sense of style and potential relationships more quickly. However, we can’t forget the online world and many agents now have a bigger online presence than a physical one.

When choosing a Realtor Vancouver professional, make sure you understand their approach to listing your property and negotiating prices. Ask them questions about the state of the market and what buyers are looking for. You can then compare answers from the different Realtor Vancouver professionals you’ve spoken to and get a sense of who knows their stuff and who doesn’t.

Determine Price and Timing of Listing

Once you’re happy with the Realtor Vancouver professional you’ve chosen then ask for their recommendations on price. Remember that it’s not about the highest price but it’s about the right price, especially if timing is an issue for you. It’s worth pointing out though that you can devalue a property simply by pricing it too high and letting it just sit on the listings with no changes. People quickly see these things and start distrusting the property. They quickly make judgements and assumptions that no one wants it and that’s something’s wrong with your property.

Get your House Ready for Viewing

Now that you’ve set the price and the date of the listing with your Realtor Vancouver professional, you can start cleaning. Oh joy! However, it’s so critical and you basically need to make sure that your house looks like something out of a catalogue. Remove any clutter and make your shelves look neat and tidy. Some even suggest taking family photos down so that potential buyers can imagine their own family photos in position. The hardest part about this phase is that your house should be ready for viewing at any time because you often get last minute requests. Make sure all toys and questionable dog blankets are safely stowed away.

At this stage, you might also want to get a professional decorator to make some small adjustments. Ask your Realtor Vancouver professional for advice on this one. However, you’d be surprised what a small change in light or furniture arrangement can do to a room. Finally, you might also want to get your home appraised professionally by an inspector.

Negotiate and Sign

The last exciting step is finally here. Let your Realtor Vancouver professional do everything for you at this stage. You can always play good cop at some point if they feel that will make a difference. However, let the expert guide you although it’s always wise to read everything for yourself before you sign something. You just never know.

Final Words on Selling your House with a Realtor Vancouver Professional

Selling a house is one of the most stressful milestones of our lives. Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time, it’s still a stressful process. Therefore, work with your Realtor Vancouver professional and let them guide you and do the stressful thinking for you. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your house for viewings and don’t forget your own self-care and personal time-out throughout the process. The happier you are, then, the more this will rub off on potential buyers who’ll want to invest in your space. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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