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Concerted Effort by UK Online Casinos to Address Problem Gambling

With recent events causing many people to stay at home, there has been something of a concerted effort by all UK based gambling companies to actively promote their responsible gambling tools, and in turn doing something positive to address problem gambling. In UK there is the GamStop scheme that helped many players give up gambling.

The main problem with the GamStop service is that it is only offered to UK licensed casino and gambling sites, and as such those sites that are located elsewhere outside of UK Gambling Commission jurisdiction are not required to become part of that scheme.

Therefore, it will be worth your time and effort looking for websites that offer information about available non GamStop casino sites, and then spending as much time as is needed self-excluding yourself from each of those sites.

In fact, you only have to look at some of the advertisements on TV to see just how they are going about doing just that. Instead of showing slot machine reels and Roulette wheels spinning, and Dealers dealing out playing cards on those adverts, they are showcasing their responsible gambling settings that customers can make use of.

They include things such as being able to set a deposit limit, putting in place a loss limit and even giving players information on how they can use the take a break option if someone wants to stop gambling at such sites for a period of time.

That really is a refreshing change it does have to be said, for there has been something of an increase over the last few months regarding the number of people reporting they are experiencing gambling related problems due to lockdowns and being stuck and home with nothing to do.

Whether those adverts are going to reduce the number of people reporting gambling problems from rising, does of course remaining to be seen, but at least gambling companies are doing something positive to address that ever present problem. 

GamStop Helping Many People Give Up Gambling

There is no getting away from the simple fact that it is extremely easy to gamble online, and if you are one of the many people each day that have finally admitted to yourself that you do have a gambling problem and would like to set about something to address that problem you do have plenty of help and support available to you.

One thing that you should immediately do however, is to ensure that you take all steps necessary to stop gambling online, and one of those steps if to sign up to the GamStop scheme.

What that organisation offers everybody with a gambling problem is a simple self-exclusion register, and by adding your name onto that register your details are then shared with all UK licensed gambling site operators who are then required to close down any accounts you have with them quickly.

Not only that but each of the sites that are part of the scheme, which for reference are all those licensed in the UK are also going to be legally required to block you from opening a real money account with them.

That is a start to your journey to give up gambling of course, but by adding your name on to that register you will at the very least not be tempted to gamble at any sites located and licensed in Great Britain that you may already have an account at or may be tempted to sign up to at a later date, so keep that in mind.

Circumventing the GamStop Self Exclusion Register

Whilst it is true to say that GamStop has helped many UK based gamblers give up gambling via their self-exclusion register, there are ways that many people have managed to circumvent their bans from casino sites, and as such you need to know how they have done so as that will stop you trying to do so if you want to give up gambling.

That way whilst you are recovering from any type of gambling related problem you will never be tempted to sign up to such sites, which sadly is way too easy to do if you have not asked to self-exclude yourself from any of them.

It may take quite some time admittedly contacting each of those casinos individually, but in the long run that time will have been spent effectively as you will then never be permitted to sign up and gamble at any of them at a later date, so please do make sure that is something you set about doing.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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