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Major Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Many people are turning their attention to AI as the technology is expected to flourish in 2021.

At the beginning of every year, people begin to think about what the next 12 fresh months could have in store for society. Especially when it comes to the IT industry, the giant sector is full of development and innovation, that’s worth paying attention to. Let’s take a look at the major tech trends to keep an eye on as we start a highly anticipated new year, 2021.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Although AI is not a new technology and has been in development for quite some time, this year specifically is expected to present entirely fresh ways of revolutionising various sectors, including healthcare. Factors such as advanced data collection will heavily benefit hospitals across the world as these smart machines continue to learn tailored algorithms that will help speed up healthcare processes. As the technology continues to forge ahead, AI may also be able to personally select medicine for patients based on data concerning each person’s care plan and needs.

As far as the business world is concerned, 2021 will see a shift in more companies investing their time and money into understanding and developing the technology for use within their systems. Since people are occupying the online sphere now more than ever, whether that be while working from home or E-learning, AI will continue to analyze digital behavior in a more sophisticated way.

Caption: Thanks to 5G technology, browsing the internet, playing games, or paying bills online is faster than ever before

The rise of 5G and the possibility of 6G planning

Currently, many telecommunication companies throughout the world are already operating on a 5G network. The mobile service that was first introduced in April of 2019 has quickly revolutionized the way society interacts with the internet. More and more carriers are beginning to offer 5G to their customers as its predecessors, 3G and 4G, become a thing of the past.

Because 5G is capable of performing at such a high level, delivering search and load speeds up to 20 times faster than previous networks, users are seeking it out as a first option. This is because now, more than ever, people are looking for digital entertainment outlets whether that be in the form of online casinos, first-person shooter games, movie streaming services, and much more.

For example, with the help of 5G, engaging in a multi or single-player live roulette session in the virtual realm or watching your favorite series or film on Netflix is not only extremely secure and accessible, but also efficient and quick as lightning. This high-quality, real-time access is completely invaluable for users in the modern day as live streaming and video content become predominant around the globe.

In fact, 5G has not only enhanced internet speeds but also allowed for Augmented and Virtual Reality to thrive. In addition, cloud-based gaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are given a platform to grow rapidly with the help of 5G. So just what should society expect as connectivity continues to expand? Although South Korea, the U.S., and China contain the most 5G network development and offerings, the service is set to expand further in 2021 and the coming years with 5G reaching an estimated 65% of the global population in the next five years.

6G is also an exciting possibility for the future and definitely something to keep an eye on this year. Experts in the industry have predicted the sixth-generation network will appear sometime in the latter part of the decade, but that the planning process for it may take shape in 2021. One thing is for sure: users are benefiting from these technological advancements, whether that be for professional purposes like work or leisure reasons like gaming.

Cloud Computing and Gaming

Information stored within “the cloud” is commonplace nowadays. Accessing your email from any device may seem like it was always very easy, but before big cloud points like Google and Microsoft, the task wasn’t so simple. In 2021, we’ll see heavy reliance on cloud computing for businesses that wish to further incorporate a data centered lifecycle management system. AI will partner with these companies to ensure more and more people are adequately trained in working with cloud computing.

When it comes to gaming, cloud computing is also benefiting the industry and its users in a big way. Nowadays, both Google and Microsoft each have their own cloud gaming system and have proven to uncomplicate many situations that users face during gameplay. This digitalisation of information both in the business and leisure is invaluable for society and because of this, the cloud is expected to transform each industry even more in the coming year.

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Sam Allcock
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