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Why a Garden Office Is Perfect During COVID-19

A garden office could be a great investment during COVID-19 and here are the reasons why.

More Freedom

With a garden office, you get the freedom to work the hours you want, and you don’t have to commute to work – minus the small walk across the garden. What’s more, our team can provide you with all the plumbing and electrics you will need to ensure that your office is fully prepared to handle company operations. You also have the option of adding your own preferred furniture and some personal touches to make it more appealing and comfortable.

There is no telling when the pandemic will come to an end, and what its long-term effects on public health will be. Many experts are hinting at homeworking becoming the new normal as teams all over the country quickly adapt to connecting via Zoom meetings and scheduling their working hours to fit their domestic and childcare duties.

There is no better time than now to seriously consider setting up a home office in your back garden. One amazing thing about our buildings is that they don’t require a large space to fit. Even in the smallest of garden spaces, a small garden office pod such as our in-demand Mini office allows you to create your own comfortable and stylish office space. If you’re interested then check out

Expert Tips for Working at Home

For those that don’t have enough space to set up an outdoor office, don’t fret, the following are some tips on how to work from home while maintaining your health and sanity:

Establish a routine: You will most probably be expected to work normal working hours unless you run your business. Simply because you no longer have to deal with the long commutes in the morning doesn’t mean that you should start going to bed late. Set your alarm, get enough rest, and give yourself ample time to prepare for work. Ensure that you know when regular meetings and catch-ups are scheduled. Add them to your calendar. They can easily slip your mind considering that they are all virtual now and there are no colleagues physically mobilizing to meeting rooms.                 

Take Regular Breaks: It is crucial to stay fit and healthy during this time. Even though you may not be physically around your colleagues to chat and interact with, it is still essential that you take some time away from your desk every once in a while. Ensure that you move about and stretch regularly to give your body some exercise. It is also important that you keep in touch with colleagues and friends by making and receiving calls, or chatting on FaceTime or social media. If you fail to keep socializing, it can be easy to become socially isolated while working at home.

Establish your own working space: You need to designate a particular place as your workspace to tell yourself and others in your household that that is where you work and you shouldn’t be disturbed. Consider a separate and self-contained space, even if it is under the stairs. It is not wise to use the sofa in your living room as your office in case it is the same place where the kids do their homework and watch TV. When you have a clearly-defined workspace,  you can close it and leave it at the end of the working day or when taking a break, same as with a traditional office. It is important to establish boundaries if you want your homeworking to be productive.

Get your tech sorted: When working at home, especially during a pandemic, there is likely to be increased demand on your phone and internet connection. The last thing you want is to lose your signal during a phone call or get dropped from a teleconference due to an unstable internet connection. Consider requesting your employer to help you with equipment such as Wi-Fi boosters and laptops. Find out if there are any special security requirements that you should know about, for example, your employer’s VPN.

Maintain Professionalism: Simply because you aren’t working in a formal office setting, it doesn’t mean that you should stay in your pajamas all day and forget about your hair. It is important to prepare yourself psychologically for work; have a work mindset. Dress as you would when heading to the office during normal times. Remember that you will most likely spend time on video conferences. You definitely want the people you are engaging with to take you seriously as a professional.

Make your office look appealing: In case you are planning to be working from home, your productivity and motivation levels will be elevated when you have a nice-looking office. And bear in mind that colleagues will be able to see part of your office when on video calls. Thus, try to make your office look as appealing as you can.

Remember to eat but don’t binge-eat: There are two types of people working at home. The first type of people is those that become so preoccupied with work that they forget to eat/drink. This often leads to irritability, dehydration, headaches, and reduced concentration. The second type of people are those that wake up, start work but can’t help themselves from snacking – anything to divert their attention from work. Both types of behaviors are incredibly unhealthy. Having a good breakfast before work is vital. You should make a habit of preparing your lunch the night before to avoid having to make it during the day. If you have to snack, consider some healthy snacks. You should also keep a big bottle of water by you while working.

Utilize safe equipment: While you may be tempted to sit in an armchair and work with your laptop on your knees, this may be detrimental to your body. Consider asking your employer for help getting a good quality desk and chair to avoid the risk of injury. It is important to maintain a good posture while working to prevent upper limb disorders.

Make the most of your time: One great advantage of working from home is that it helps free up a lot of time. This is because it eliminates the long commute, you attend fewer meetings, and there are minimal distractions and interruptions from colleagues. Use this time to work more intensively and efficiently, get most of the work done, and become the best worker you can.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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