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How Secure is Your Money in Online Bingo

Online bingo has become one of the fastest-growing and most popular titles in the gaming industry. We all agree that most people now have more time in their hands than they have ever had before, and this is also responsible for the increased popularity.

Nonetheless, the more players that get on bingo sites, the more the concern for security over these betting platforms. This article gives comprehensive information on the security measures that these sites and players should take in online bingo.

Check for the license details

This is the first step of ensuring security. Look out for the site’s license and check if they are valid, current, and from an official regulatory body. The license is how regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority put the gaming sites in check. These are the strictest licensing authorities for remote gambling licenses and any Bingo site that falls under these licenses follows the UK’s 10-steps-to-cyver security.

Making payments to the Bingo sites will often come with a deposit match deal. When you deposit using a debit card or eWallet, the bingo site usually gives you’re a welcome bonus or new player bonus such as 200 free Bingo cards or play £5 for a £20 bonus. To save you the time of searching for websites with online bingo bonuses yourself, check out sites like Whichbingo that list all the top UK bingo promotions. You can also play other games at these sites such as video slots and virtual scratch cards which also come with the chance to use a bonus offer.

Identity verification

These licensed Bingo sites ensure that users verify their age and identity before they are allowed to play. They state these processes in their terms and conditions to ensure that only eligible gamers can sign up.

 The Bingo sites verify that players are above the required age and that they are in nations that do not have regulations against such activity.

Check the online rating

The online rating is the view of site users. It can also be an expert opinion of the Bingo site. It is important that you do not spend your money on websites with a low rating, which typically suggests poor customer service and security.

Look for extra security levels

The primary form of security that you would first notice is the secure HTTPS address. There is usually a padlock symbol at the start of the site’s URL on your browser’s address bar if the website is secure.

This security is fundamental and important, but there should also be extra security layers like the 128-bit SSL encryption. This encryption ensures that a player’s personal information is safe and is not vulnerable to third party interceptions and hacking.

Also, do your safety checks

The regulatory commission or association can only do so much to protect gamers, but the onus remains on you to also perform some safety checks. For example, the Bingo website and some other gaming platforms must have a physical space or office to the website where gamers can visit.

So, make sure that the website has a valid physical location. These days, you do not have to physically go to the address to be sure, as you can always use online maps.

Please go through the terms and conditions

Most players find it difficult to read the long pages of any online gaming site’s terms and conditions. However, it is highly advisable to read every word as it is the only way to know how a website operates and handles visitors’ information. Let it be known that no two websites have identical terms and conditions, so you need to read it to understand how the Bingo site differs from the rest and how they operate.

You can even find more information about the bonuses they offer and how to win, like free Bingo tickets, promo codes, or even free spins from the terms and conditions.

Explore other alternative payment methods

If you are uncomfortable connecting your bank details with a gaming site, there are other payment portals on the web that you can use instead. Some Bingo sites allow you to make transfers without putting out your bank details.


You can play online Bingo with no fear of being hacked or attacked, but you first need to be cautious and observe the precautions stated above. There are numerous sites to choose from as Online Bingo is growing astronomically on the web.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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