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Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada from the UK

Moving abroad can be exceptionally overwhelming, considering all the forms and lengthy processes that come along with it. But as 2021 unfolds, Canada has announced new immigration programs, relaxed admission requirements, and higher immigration targets over the next three years. More than 1.2 million people will have the opportunity to relocate to Canada permanently by the end of 2023, and you could be one of them!  

But, with so many destinations to choose from, what makes Canada stand out from the rest? Here are some of the top reasons to immigrate to Canada from the UK.       

Why Canada? 

Canada is a vast beautiful country, the second-largest in the world in fact, with one of the highest quality of life globally. Although the UK and Canada both have a very high standard of living, they do differ in certain ways. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons British immigrants are making the move to Canada from the UK.  

Cost of Living

Both the UK and Canada have a high cost of living. However, according to, the UK seems to be slightly more expensive than Canada. In a comparison between two of the most expensive cities to live in globally, Toronto (Canada) and London (UK), the food, rent, and transportation costs are actually higher in the UK.      

For example, an apartment in London, on average costs around CAD$2919.25 compared to CAD$2114.11 in Toronto, Canada’s most expensive city. Some of Canada’s smaller cities are, however, not as expensive, and once you’re living and working in Canada (read more here about working in Canada), you’ll find it much more affordable than if you’re simply converting pounds to dollars.    

Quality of Life

Although both the UK and Canada offer free education and healthcare, there are a few factors that push Canada’s quality of life to a higher level than that of the UK. For example, Canada is ranked 6th on the Global Peace Index, whereas the UK comes in at number 45 globally, making it one of the safest countries to live in.    

Canada is also one of the most beautiful countries to live in in the world, with vast rolling landscapes, rugged coastlines, and awe-inspiring lakes and mountain ranges to explore on your doorstep. And the best part is that you won’t have too much of an adjustment when it comes to chilly winter weather, and you’ll also be able to enjoy four glorious seasons when you immigrate to Canada from the UK.   


If Canadians are known for anything (other than ice hockey and maple syrup), it’s their warmth and welcoming nature. In fact, Canadians are so welcoming that an “apology act” was adopted to avoid being wrongfully held liable in court simply because of how often the phrase “I’m sorry” is used. 

Canada also has one of the most welcoming attitudes towards immigrants and believes that immigration is the key to development and growth, inviting over 400,000 foreigners to apply for permanent residence every year, including in 2021. 

What Are My Immigration Options?

If all of these amazing benefits sound like something you could get used to, you might be asking yourself what your Canadian immigration options are from the UK? First, you will have your choice of over 100 immigration programs and visas to choose from. However, one of the fastest and simplest ways to get permanent residency in Canada as a British immigrant is through the Express Entry system.

This is Canada’s primary immigration draw, for which applicants will need to create profiles containing information about their age, education, language skills (English and/or French), work experience (if any), and the ability to adjust to Canadian life. Candidates are ranked against each other and entered into Express Entry draws, which take place every two weeks. Thousands of the highest-scoring applicants receive invitations to apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada every month through these draws, enjoying processing times of as little as just six months!       

Do these reasons to immigrate to Canada from the UK have you inquisitive about Canadian immigration visas and programs?  

Discover what your best options are and get more information about the Canadian visa application process is by visiting              

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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