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5 Helpful Tips to Secure Good Marks in CBSE Class 8 Maths

Preparation for class 8 CBSE maths exams infact starts with the very first day in class 8. To learn maths better, attending classes and completing the classwork or the homework are the few basics which are a must to follow. So, it is essential to have consistency. If one is consistent, then even if the speed is not high, one can make a mark. We all learned a lesson in the famous tale of rabbit and tortoise. Tortoise with his consistency and never give up attitude was able to win the race against a much faster rabbit.

We also need to consider that while hard work is the key to almost any success, it is also important to do smart work. So, it helps to think that, for example even though you are a part of CBSE it will be useful to have a look at the ncert solutions class 8 maths and while reading class 8 mathematics it is a fair use of our mental abilities to feel which parts of the curriculum make good questions. To understand any subject, it is a good idea to raise a lot of questions and the added bonus is if you are trying to find the right problems you are infact solving the examination even before it has begun.

Let us find below some of the useful tips to secure good marks in CBSE class 8 Maths examination:

Check previous year question papers

Nothing gives us a more direct feel of how the examination would be like than to go through the previous year examination papers. If one can arrange for examination papers of the last 3-4 years, it will be easy to find out the topics asked in the examination. It is essential in examinations to have the right speed as class 8 CBSE maths exams are time-bound, so using the previous year papers one should give mock exams and see how well they can do. When writing the mock exam, solve it realistically as you would sit for the actual exam. Such mock exams will provide you with great insights into the areas of improvement and strengths. It will also get you rid of any exam anxiety as you would have practised many mock exams by then.

Ask questions

When studying in class, do remember a fundamental fact that is, your right to ask questions. When you try to understand a new concept, it is bound to raise some questions. Do not lose the opportunity to ask your teacher questions straight away without for a second being reluctant about it. This is very important to remember that your job in school is to learn and question.

Check NCERT books and question papers

It is useful to have a more comprehensive view of the subject, and thus, while you follow the CBSE curriculum, it is helpful to refer to NCERT books for the common topics. It is possible to find a much more straightforward explanation in NCERT books than in CBSE or other books.

Discuss with friends

When in school, we learn together with the community hence use the community by discussing and debating with friends on the lessons learnt. Try and bring up maths with friends and discuss how they approach the subject. Many times, our peers, are facing the same challenge, can provide effective answers.

Plan your schedule

Prior to exams, make a summary of the important topics. Have a to-do list and a schedule to complete that list. In your view, the topics which are not yet clear to you, make extra time for them in the schedule. Plan your day accordingly and execute your time table, this way, you would carry less burden on your head. This will help you remain organized and relaxed, which will result in a healthy and focused version of you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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