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Playing Without Paying: An Introduction to Free Bingo

The game of bingo is thought to have originated in Italy in 1530, with the launch of a new gambling game, Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. It was popular in Britain from around the 18th century and enjoyed a huge boom period in the years following the Second World War. In the later years of the 20th century the game declined in popularity, until the advent of online bingo. Online games increased the appeal and convenience of playing bingo and opened the game up to a wider demographic.

The Changing Face of Bingo

Once thought to be a pastime mainly for elderly women, bingo today attracts crowds of younger women and men seeking a fun, social activity with the possibility of winning cash prizes thrown in. In the UK alone there are an estimated 3 million regular bingo players and the industry generates more than £700 million in annual gross gambling yield.

The demographics of bingo players have changed over the past 20 years and as such the game is changing with them. Around 25% of all bingo players today are male and 25% are aged between 18 and 34. With a changing audience, software developers and game designers are coming up with new and innovative versions to keep everyone entertained.

Try Online for Free

The statistics show that bingo today is a highly popular pastime, yet not everyone can afford to spend money every single time they play. One of the attractions of online bingo is that many sites offer the option to play a certain number of games completely free. There are usually conditions attached, but it is possible to sign up for free bingo games no deposit required and be in with a chance of winning cash prizes.

The terms and conditions for free bingo vary depending on the site, but they do allow players to compete for real money without risking any of their own money up front. Some sites require players to make a deposit before they can withdraw any winnings or have a certain number of real-money wagers that must be made before withdrawal. However, free games give new players real opportunities to win prizes and have money in the bank before making a deposit.

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Some online bingo providers offer players the chance to win real money when playing free bingo games.

Player Advantages

The main advantage to the players of free bingo bonuses is obvious – players can win money without taking any financial risk. There are many other benefits to be enjoyed with free bingo.

One of the reasons cited by many bingo enthusiasts for their love of the game is the social aspect. For this reason, online bingo website designers have gone out of their way to increase the social aspect of playing online. Wink Bingo has real-time live chat functions that can be enabled in all online bingo rooms, letting friends play together and stay on for a chat after the games. There are even specialised chat games that run after the main event for those that want to continue to socialise and play.

While bingo is relatively simple to play, free bonus games give new players the opportunity to learn the game and get used to playing at speed before they commit any money. They can help players to build their confidence and possibly even their bankroll as they learn. Free bingo bonuses may also be granted to regular players as loyalty rewards.

House Advantages

One of the main reasons why websites offer promotions and incentives such as free bingo bonuses is to draw in new players. Offers such as this often entice people who may never have considered playing before. Many of those new players will enjoy themselves enough to come back to set up an account and make a deposit so they can play some more.

Offering popular incentives also helps to spread the word, as people talk to their friends about the great time they had playing free bingo or share details on social media. This word of mouth also helps draw in new business.

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Offering players incentives is likely to develop word of mouth marketing where players will recommend your service to their friends.

The Popularity of Online Bingo

Websites use free bingo and other promotions to help attract new custom and retain existing customers. There are many reasons why millions of people enjoy playing bingo. For many, it is a social experience, whether played at the local bingo hall of online using live chat facilities.

For some, the thrill of bingo is the chance of winning a big cash prize. The largest ever prize won in online bingo to date was won by John Orchard in 2012. Orchard made history when he purchased a 30p bingo card and took home a £5.9 million prize! While this is a rare occurrence, there have been other players who have won seven-figure cash prizes over the years and each new game is a new chance to win.

Another reason people like to play bingo is to experience the dopamine hit that comes with winning at something competitive. Online bingo gives players the opportunity to chase that thrill whenever they like. With mobile sites, people can even increase their dopamine levels while standing in line for a coffee or travelling on the bus.

Free bingo gives people opportunities to indulge even when they do not want to spend and introduces the game to new players around the world.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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