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5 Most Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Many homeowners have to deal with drainage issues on a daily basis. What most of them do not know is that the common causes of clogged drains are right under their noses. But why do drains block? While some causes stem indoors, some are caused by external factors such as debris collection over time. Here are 5 common causes of clogged drains and how to prevent them.

Cooking fat and grease

Fatty substances are one of the number one culprits when it comes to blocked drains. Washing grease and fat down the sink may look like the right thing to do when you do your dishes. However, the fatty substance attaches to the sides of your drainage pipes and with time, end up clogging the system. One of the ways of preventing this from happening is to regularly run down hot water through your sink. it is also important to know who to unblock a drain and to professionally clean them to remove any clogged fat or grease.

Excessive use of toilet paper

While tissue paper is designed to go down the drain without any problem, its overuse may lead to an obstruction. Toilet paper may get entangled with other objects such as debris and cause a massive blockage of your pipes. The trick lies in flushing down small amounts of tissue paper. It is also important to note that the following objects must not be flushed down the toilet because they do not disintegrate in water:

  • Baby wipes
  • Nappies
  • Wet pipes


Another cause of clogged pipes is hair. Whether you shave and let the tiny hair follicles run down the drain or you let the long strands pass through every time you wash your hair, this may build up in the drain and cause a major blockage if not taken out. The best way to prevent this from happening is to seal the plug hole with an object that sieves out any hair. Regular checks may be necessary if you do not have such a device.

Leaves and debris

While most drainage issues may originate indoors, external factors may also come into play. Where, for example, you leave your drainage pipes open, leaves, stones and soil may accumulate in them. Over time, these may clog your pipes. The best way to prevent this from happening is by clearing your drains every once in a while, sealing any cracks and ensuring regular maintenance and professional care.

Tree roots

Drains can also be blocked by overgrown roots of trees. It is important to not only avoid planting trees and shrubs near your drainage pipes but also keep checking the existing ones to ensure that their roots do not crack the pipes and lead to blockages.

When you notice issues with your drainage system, it is advisable that you seek the professional help of an expert to avoid a bigger problem from arising. Preventing these causes of drain blockage can also save you money and time spent dealing with the actual blockage.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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