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The Forex market starts with Traders Union

Novice traders will face the daunting problem of choosing the right broker for their future trading activities in the Forex market. 

To choose a reliable Forex broker, you need to spend hours and even days analyzing hundreds of brokerage companies and reading reviews about their work. This problem is solved for you by the Traders Union. It simplifies this process by narrowing your search to just a few minutes using its special ratings system.

Traders Union’s experts have been analyzing brokers in the Forex market for over 10 years, collecting all the reviews about them on the Internet. The Traders Union database contains all the reviews about any Forex broker in a single location. Moreover, the Traders Union keeps a file on each company that trades on the Forex market and tracks its historical indicators by using over 100 parameters specially designed by its Forex experts.

Novice traders can easily analyze and select a company that best fits their needs and market objectives by using the free services of the Traders Union and comparing brokers according to the parameters that a trader selects. The rankings for every broker is updated monthly by the experts at Traders Union and are published on its website. 

The Traders Union maintains a huge portal with a collection of various tools and useful information about the Forex market and all the participating brokers on it. The voluminous information and critical services are free.

Why join the Traders Union?

In addition to allowing a trader to quickly and conveniently find and select the best broker for each trader, TU pays money directly to a trader’s personal account in the form of a rebate for every transaction the trader makes with his broker whether a trade is successful or not, thereby reducing your trading cost and increasing your income. The Traders Union does all this for free. That’s just one of the many reasons why hundreds of thousands of traders around the world are joining TU. Importantly, you don’t have to change or modify your trading habits to receive this benefit — just trade normally to get your rebates. Traders who don’t join the Traders Union will not receive these benefits.

At Traders Union, everything is transparent and above board. Most brokers are interested in being a partner of the Traders Union because the Traders Union is a huge web portal with hundreds of thousands of visitors, where traders choose their broker. 

The rebate process works like this. Brokers pay partner fees to the Traders Union, and TU, in turn, pays the fees forward to its member-traders according to the volume of their trades, while keeping only a tiny commission.

Important notice! Payments from the Traders Union do not depend on the success of the broker’s trades. Traders Union pays everyone even for unprofitable transactions. 

How Traders Union rebates are calculated

Consider this example where Traders Union returns 40% of the broker’s spreads (commission to the broker) for 1 standard lot transaction.

  • Assume the trader invests $10,000 and trades only once in 2-3 days for a total of 10 lots of the EUR|USD currency pair.
  • As a result, he makes 100 lots per month and gets 20% of the profit in moderate trading. Total of $2,000.
  • Assume his expenses for the spread is $13 per lot.
  • The trader paid the broker $1,300 for 100 lots.
  • Traders Union will pay into the trader’s personal account $520.
Company Rebate from Traders Union for 1 lot of trade
FxPro Majors:$25 per 300 million traded$30 from 300 million to less than 1 billion$35 from 1 billion and above
Minors and others:$40 per 300 million traded$45 from 300 million to less than 1 billion$50 from 1 billion and above
Admiral Markets UK Admiral Markets – Revenue share 25%Admiral Prime – Revenue share 25%Admiral MT5 – Revenue share 25%
XM Group Up to $10 per lot
AvaTrade $9
FXTM ECN Zero – $10ECN – 30% of the commissionCENT – $5STDR – $8MT5 – 20%Shares – 30% of spread

How to join the Traders Union?

To join the Traders Union register on the TU website. You can enter by e-mail or simply by using the Facebook entry form. After registration, add your selected broker to your personal account within the Traders Union. Done! You will immediately start receiving charges from the Traders Union following each future transaction.

Important notice! Traders Union pays only for accounts opened through its website. If you already have an account, you must open a new one or even create a new account with your broker to work through the Traders Union.

If you do not have an account with a Forex broker yet, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Select a broker from the Traders Union Forex Broker Ratings List*.
  2. Go to the broker’s official website using the Traders Union link (it is on the page of each Broker in the Traders Union Rating List).
  3. Open a live trading account on your broker’s website.
  4. In your account on the Traders Union website, go to the “Accounts” tab and enter your account number with the broker.
  5. Make a deposit with a broker and start trading. 

You can conveniently withdraw funds from the Traders Union using: VISA and MasterCard, PerfectMoney, Skrill, or even to your trading account with your broker.

By the way, if you have any difficulties or need to clarify something, the Traders Union also has a professional support service that helps to resolve any issue. Just submit the issue to our support staff.

Traders Union helps to protect your investments

It is especially beneficial for passive investors to work with Traders Union when using PAMM or copying transactions to increase their capital because Traders Union provides them with the strongest legal protection and support in case of a conflict or dispute with a broker. This is especially important where large amounts of capital are involved.

Big investors choose to work through the Traders Union because they understand that a Forex broker can sometimes ignore the complaint or position of one individual trader. However, a broker cannot ignore the position of the Traders Union as a global authority representing the interests of hundreds of thousands of traders.

Traders Union’s legal department closely monitors and carefully examines any complaints or claims from members of its community of brokers. All companies operating in the Forex market know that there is never a problem with withdrawing funds from brokers associated with the Traders Union.

Traders Union offers you free legal assistance related to Forex market matters. Its legal service has proven its effectiveness hundreds of times. This is yet another key reason why thousands of investors in the Forex market choose Traders Union as a tool to protect their investments and increase their profitability.

Traders Union in figures
Age of the Traders Union over 10 years
Payments to participants over 10 million dollars
Amount of payments Up to 100% of the spread
Number of participants Over 300,000
Number of brokers in the ratings Over 150
Number of forecasts per day Over 50
Number of financial news on the site  Over 200
Number of unique bonuses Over 20
Number of messages on the Traders Union forum Over 1 million


You relieve yourself of a huge number of worries about researching and studying each company and giving feedback about it when selecting a broker in the Forex market using the ratings of Forex brokers from the Traders Union because the Traders Union has already done all this work for you.

The Top Brokers on the Traders Union Ratings List are reliable brokers who withdraw funds to their clients quickly and responsibly fulfill their obligations to traders. The Trader Union ratings are curated based on TU’s 120-point proprietary criteria and reviews by its members. No one else in the Forex market provides such detailed and professional services along with the ability to analyze data from hundreds of thousands of traders simultaneously. This is precisely why the Traders Union ratings of Forex brokers is the best rating of brokers today.

By opening an account with any Forex broker through the Traders Union, you will receive money just for the trading you would have done for free before. This proves that making your first steps in Forex trading through the Traders Union is more profitable than starting from the official website of any broker. That is why the Traders Union is considered the place where the Forex market starts

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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