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A Brief Guide on How to Get Your Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Getting an eyeglass lens replacement might be confusing for those who don’t know that they can change their eyeglass lens instead of buying a whole new set of eyeglasses. Here is a brief guide for you to get your eyeglass lens replacement conveniently.

Why do individuals use glasses? Eye-glasses were created to support people for getting perfect eyesight, but nowadays, people use eyeglasses for a variety of purposes. Although most people use glasses to fix issues, including myopia and astigmatism, some people use powerless glasses, also known as false glasses, to make a trendy impression.

Why Do People Need Glasses?

A large percentage of the world has difficulty determining distant items, having blurry text while trying to read, or suffering generally blurred vision due to astigmatism. For many of these individuals, eyeglasses are recommended for corrective vision. To have a weak vision is not as rare as you would imagine. Around 75% of people are using a form of vision correction, as per the Vision Board. About 64 percent of them use prescription glasses, and approximately 11 percent wear contact lenses, either solely or with frames.

Types of eyeglass lenses:

Before discussing the process of getting eyeglass lens replacement, we will discuss the types of eyeglass lenses available.

Since medical science is progressing, the types of lenses are also increasing. As in the past, these have been exclusively made of glass. Currently, the majority of them are produced by elevated plastic. 

The lenses below are slim, sharp, and scratch-resistant than glass or traditional forms of plastic and Polycarbonate. These effect resistant lenses are a smart option whether you participate in sports or a job. Your eyeglass can get scratched or cracked due to mishandling or an accident. The chances are even higher if you have children who love to play either with your eyeglasses or are careless about their own pairs. Hence, a scratch-resistant lens is a wise choice. Lenses are also equipped with a UV protective layer to keep your eyes safe from the detrimental effects of UV rays. Some types of eyeglass lenses are:

  • Trivex
  • High index plastic
  • Aspheric
  • Photochromic

Are your frames able to bear eyeglass lens replacement?

The most important thing to keep in your mind is that you should check if your frame is eligible to get a lens replacement or not. Following are the things you should check.

  • Mostly old frames are a little brittle to swap the lens.
  • Many frames are not intended to sustain a contact lens.
  • Many of the frameworks could not allow substantial power prescription.
  • Most frames also have to be changed to match the prescription eyeglass lenses.

There is a need to consider the above-mentioned things before you try to get your eyeglass lens replacement.

How does it work?

The way you could obtain your eyewear lens replacement depends on the service you choose. The simple idea is to pick the frame first, or if you have it already, then select characteristics, including the kind of lens. Some of the lenses are extremely tough, which is ideal for anyone with specific professions or who participate in sports. You could purchase lenses with a protective coating, too. Some of these are created to protect the eye from solar ultraviolet rays.

The next task is to input your prescription information- an adjustment for both the eye. Then you should add the gap between your eyes. This would ensure that the glasses are correctly positioned in the frame.

People are sometimes confused about how to get glasses or how to get your eyeglass lens replacement. Below we will give you a brief guide on how to get your eyeglasses lens replacement.

Find a proper prescription.

You always need a recent prescription before ordering a new eyeglass lens replacement. You should keep it safe so that you might not face a hurdle or mess when ordering your glass lens. Keeping a copy of it will also help you if you in case miss the receipt. Through your lens prescription and PD scales, you’re able to browse online for eyeglass lenses.

However, if your prescription is more than a year old, you would need to visit your eye specialist.

Choose a store:

Evaluate the top online stores and retailers to get a competitive rate for your eyeglass lens replacement. Select the perfect match for your needs. Go through the reviews and feedbacks online to get a clear idea of the policies and offers they give.

Choose the lenses you want:

After you have selected the retailer from whom you want to get your lenses replaced, select the type of lens you want to get fixed on your old frame. The size and thickness of the lenses is also a vital thing to keep in mind as it helps you to see properly.

 Check the return policy:

There is always a possibility that your eyeglass lens replacement does not suit you, so in this case, a return policy offering is always a safe option for you.

Complete your order and check out:

Once you have done the above-mentioned things, it’s time to complete your order and check out by selecting the payment options. If you are buying through a physical store, you should get the lenses fixed in your frame at the store before leaving it. 

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