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Top 5 Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

You might think that the online market is oversaturated nowadays and that it is pretty difficult to kick-start your career. Truth be told, it is not entirely wrong, and there are more online workers now compared to a decade ago.

However, outsourcing still remains one of the most cost-effective methods for producing physical and digital content. In other words, as long as there are new business and start-ups there will be online jobs. Moreover, there are multiple ways to earn money online, not just by working for hire. Here we will go over some of the easiest money-making techniques that do not require you to have a large team or extensive experience.

Learn WordPress

Even today, WordPress is still one of the most popular platform choices for blogs and e-commerce websites. If you are not in a hurry to generate revenue, you can start mastering WordPress as it’s definitely a good time investment and opens up a lot of possibilities. WordPress is not too complicated to learn, and there are lots of videos and online courses that you can use. 

Everything you learn throughout this process can come in handy for a future job application, for starting your own blog or even opening your own web design business. If you want to have an impressive website in your portfolio you can also start implementing WordPress SEO tips and make sure the site is well optimized. Later on, you can even sell this website if it’s relevant for a particular niche or uses it for affiliate marketing.

Online Gambling

Online gambling or gambling for that matter is not a way to make a living, but it can definitely be useful when you need to grab a quick buck every now and then. One of the main reasons for this is that online casinos usually offer bonuses for new accounts. In other words, you can deposit 10 and play with 60 pounds, euros or dollars depending on the casino or the bonus structure. If you are good at poker or at blackjack things are likely to go your way, or simply play some of the games that have a higher edge, like roulette.

Once again, don’t spend from your regular budget or income. Your gambling funds should be some leftover money from doing online surveys for example. Also, your experience can be relevant for potential future jobs, as the gambling industry is vast, and also outsources many of its digital marketing related tasks.

Teach English

If you are a native speaker or if you simply speak English, know English grammar, and have decent pronunciation, you can be an online teacher. This way you are only relying on what you already know and can teach those who need extra English lessons. The demand for online teachers is high right now, and this is one of those part-time jobs for young people who are looking into different career options but need some sort of income. Countries that have these online teaching programs are China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, and you can apply online easily. 

Internet Surveys

Once again, you don’t need any extensive experience in order to earn money this way, all you need is enough time on your hands. There are different apps that you can use and basically complete surveys or answer questions about yourself, and ultimately get paid for it. Since companies or web platforms are already selling our information and getting money for it there is no reason we can’t do the same. This is also how a lot of these sites or apps work, they get your information and sell it to multiple parties, so this way you at least get your cut.

Not everyone is selling information online, some surveys you complete for cash come from outsourcing agencies. These agencies are hiring people to complete the surveys for research on a specific topic. It’s not the most interesting and fulfilling job, but it is still a good way to earn a quick buck if you need to pay off some debts or treat yourself.


Drop-shipping is a cost-effective and risk-free way of selling stuff online. A lot of people sell items that they offer from a different supplier who can deliver them to a specified address. In other words, you don’t have to have inventory or pay storage costs, you simply insert yourself as a middleman and sell products locally. This can be very lucrative especially if there is a demand for a certain product and people don’t know how to order from a more popular website or retailer.

Again, this is not too difficult to pull off, it does not rely on prior work experience, and you can find tips online on how to do it successfully. The only problem is demand, as you can’t always count that someone will buy a product from you, and it’s questionable how much you can earn depending on the product. 


As you can see there are plenty of options out there, and this is just a shortlist, those who are resourceful can easily find more ways to earn money online. It’s always better to have relevant experience and capitalize on it, since no one can take that away from you, and polishing those skills ensures you get future jobs.

Author’s Bio:

Paul Calderon, who is a passionate blogger started earning as a freelancer and learned there are many ways to earn money online while doing what you love. Paul aims to inspire young people who are struggling with finances and employment, by sharing his perspective and insights. He is a sports fan, and enjoys playing video games, and loves sharing his thoughts on these topics as well.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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