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How To Open A Banco Del Bienestar Account For Remittances

The Banco del Bienestar announced a new mechanism so that in a simple, agile and secure way, migrants who are in the United States or any other foreign country can send resources to their families without commissions and in a matter of minutes through a bank account .

It is a new program to open an account at Banco del Bienestar remotely, these resources can be sent through a remittance company and will be delivered to the recipients at the bank’s branches, La Red de la Gente , Telecomm offices and payment points for social programs.

In addition, the institution will be able to buy the dollars that arrive in cash to the migrants and their families with the sole condition of having an account in the bank. We recommend: Migrants will access accounts at Banco del Bienestar and at a better exchange rate.

Treasury Accounts can be opened remotely from the United States, with the consular registration or passport issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) as official identification and an email. Mexican migrants may receive guidance on the program from the Institute of Mexicans Abroad at the Financial Advisory Windows (VAF) of the consulates distributed in that country, to open their accounts and on the benefits of them.

They can also receive, through the VAF and the SRE, their corresponding international debit cards. The agency made three types of accounts available. We recommend you… Banks will request permits to open accounts to migrants digitally’We buy doses to protect more than 150 million’: Arturo Herrera Express Account This works for Mexicans living outside the country and can be requested through the Banco del Bienestar website.

Migrants Debt Account It is aimed at Mexicans deported from the United States and sent back to Mexico. It can be requested with the proof of repatriation in the modules of the National Institute of Migration . Debit account It is for relatives of migrants residing in Mexico. One needed proof of address and an official ID.

The general director of the Banco del Bienestar, Diana Álvarez , assured that the bank has 2,393 access points, among them its 433 branches, so the payment of remittances can be made through windows, ATMs or by accrediting accounts Therefore, it has the capacity to cover the 2,456 municipalities that receive remittances.

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