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SidesMedia Review: Get More Followers on Social Media

Looking for ways to get more followers and engagement on your social media networks like TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and others? It can be a tough endeavor, but there are ways to do it both organically and with help.

It can take a lot longer to do it by yourself as opposed to working with a third party company; however, not all companies are created equal. While there are some reputable ones out there, there are also ones that will try and get you to pay for services that ultimately aren’t that valuable.

For this reason, you’ve got to take a look at a variety of companies and scrutinize their website to ensure that they can provide you with a worthwhile investment. If not, don’t waste your time and money.

We’re bringing you a review of one company out there in the social media growth market, SidesMedia, so that you can see what their service offerings are and whether or not they might be a good fit for your social media growth.

We’ll discuss how it works, which networks they provide services for, plan options, value, followed by our final verdict.

Let’s take a look!

SidesMedia Review: Does it Work? 

This is the big question right out of the gate, and we can confidently say that yes, SidesMedia does work. To understand why it works, you’ve got to know how it works.

Here is the basic rundown of what you can expect when you use SidesMedia for social media growth:

  1. Review their website and check out their plans and pricing options
  2. Select the option(s) that best suits your needs
  3. Complete the checkout form (basic info including URL/handle, name, email, and billing info)
  4. Wait for your order delivery

That’s it! It’s literally that quick and easy. SidesMedia has really made social media growth more straightforward than ever, and the best thing about it is that they provide real, high quality followers and engagement.

If you want real social media followers, views, likes, and more, you can get them through SidesMedia’s expansive network of over 5000 users who will deliver real engagements and followers for your purchase.

This is the best thing about SidesMedia; so many companies just send over a bunch of fake followers or likes that do absolutely nothing for your profile and are likely to be removed. SidesMedia provides value.

Let’s see which services they provide services for.

What Social Networks Can I Use SidesMedia with?

SidesMedia is a comprehensive service that offers a lot of different social media growth. They assist with growth for the following platforms:

  1. TikTok: followers, likes, views
  2. LinkedIn: connections, company followers
  3. SoundCloud: plays, followers
  4. Spotify: playlist followers, monthly followers, monthly listeners, song plays
  5. YouTube: views, subscribers, likes, shares
  6. Twitch: video views, followers, viewers
  7. Pinterest: followers
  8. Twitter: recurring monthly organic growth service (2 plan options)

So, all in all, you can see that SidesMedia offers many different options in terms of followers and engagement for social media. The good news is that they not only offer packages, but they also offer an organic growth service for Twitter.

This means that they will engage with usrs in your target audience to gain you more real followers and engagements according to your targeting instructions. This is an awesome service and SidesMedia offers a fully-managed one, which is great.

Their other packages are still great options, and all of the views, followers, listeners, plays, and more will be real, so you don’t have to deal with them hurting your account’s reputation or making you look spammy.

If you really want to expand your cross-platform social media presence, there aren’t many better options than SidesMedia.

SidesMedia Review: Pricing Options vs. Value 

In terms of price, you’ll find that each social media network has different pricing options due to a variety of factors relative to each network. For this reason, the starting price for each platform is as follows:

  • TikTok from $0.50
  • LinkedIn from $6
  • SoundCloud from $2.50
  • Spotify from $3
  • YouTube from $17
  • Twitch from $3
  • Pinterest from $29
  • Twitter from $49

You can choose accordingly and these are the lowest package options for each respective platform. SidesMedia gives an overview of this on the landing page for their packages which you can access from the toolbar.

You can also buy from a dropdown menu on their main page which will take you directly to the pricing for that particular platform, which is really easy for users.

All things considered, SidesMedia has really great pricing for what they offer. You can find some companies offering incredibly low prices for all social media engagements and followers, but these are not going to help your account and can actually harm your profile and jeopardize your safety.

SidesMedia offers huge value— all of their followers and engagements are real, so for the price, you’re getting a  great deal. Also, SidesMedia keeps your account completely safe with no password required for service, a secured website and payment gateway, as well as effective delivery times.

You won’t find a much better price to value ratio out there for social media growth.

SidesMedia Review: Will I Banned? 

Certain platforms out there like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more have strict rules about how third party companies engage with their platforms, so it’s important you choose one that is going to keep your account safe.

SidesMedia provides all real followers and engagements, so you won’t have to worry about getting banned or putting your account at risk.

What’s more, SidesMedia also delivers all of their packages at a natural rate over the course of a few days, so nothing is going to flag the platforms or make your growth look supplemental.

The purpose of buying followers and engagement in packages is to help generate more growth on your social media channels through social proof, and that’s exactly what SidesMedia helps you do. They are in compliance with all social media networks that they offer services for.

They don’t offer services for Facebook and Instagram because they make it too difficult for third party companies to work for them, which is why there are hardly any out there offering legitimate followers and engagement for Instagram.

In any case, SidesMedia has never had a client get banned from any social media network after using their services.

Final Thoughts: SidesMedia Review

Using SidesMedia to get more TikTok followers or more YouTube viewers is a smart move— they can help with so many different types of social media growth and they always deliver top quality services.

You’ll never have to worry about low quality or account problems with SidesMedia, and they have extensive FAQs and also 24/7 support if you ever need help or have questions.

If you want more followers and engagement on social media, SidesMedia is definitely for you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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