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Just How Addictive is Online and Mobile Betting?

Mobile and online betting apps are sites have been around for many years now and sadly there have been plenty of people over the years that have got into problem, when gambling in those environments, and that is something that has always needed addressing.

Being able to sit at home on your laptop or for example or anywhere using a mobile betting app and betting huge amounts of cash has always been way too easy, and the operators of those sites and apps are of course there to make a profit and love it when they bag a big spending customer.

However, problem gambling is something that the UK Gambling Commission has been taking a close look at recently, and they have launched a range of initiatives to ensure those who do gamble at any sites or apps they license can at the very least make use of a range of responsible gambling tools.

The UKGC has now instructed each of their license holders that whenever anybody signs up to their sites or apps as a real money customer, they must ensure they have full access to a range of tools and systems that will allow them to gamble responsibly.

Those tools take the form of for example deposit limit settings, take a break options and gambling site and app operators must ensure they monitor their customers’ accounts and contact those that appear to be gambling way too much to see if those customers need any help or support and whether they have a gambling problem too.

Increase in People Turning to GamStop for Help

One of the many free and easily available services that are offered to anybody in the UK that wants to give up gambling is the GamStop service, and I want to give you an insight into what they have to offer, for many people have turned to them for help and have successfully been able to address their gambling problem and ultimately give up gambling too.

What that organisation offers is quite straight forward actually, it is a self-exclusion register that is shared and is accessed by operators of every single online gambling site that is licensed and regulated in the UK.

What each of those operators are required to do is to compare the names of those who register with GamStop with the names of their customers and if they find a match then they are legally obliged to close down those customer accounts.

To ensure those that have added their names onto that register cannot sign up to any gambling sites that are part of that scheme in the future they also take steps to ensure any attempt by someone listed on it cannot at a later date try and sign up to those sites, and as such it is a service that I know many people will benefit from signing up to and using.

Non UK Bookies Should Become Part of GamStop

There are plenty of sportsbooks that you can sign up to online, and plenty of mobile bookies apps available too, which sadly means that even if you are on the GamStop self-exclusion register you will have no problems locating one that will accept you as a new customer.

Those sites are collectively known as non GamStop betting sites, and whilst you will be blocked from accessing any UK licensed betting site and all other gambling sites located and licensed there when you do register with that scheme, you will still have access to all other worldwide gambling sites and apps.

Therefore, you are going to have your willpower tested for sure if you have made a commitment to yourself that you are going to try and give up gambling, but what I would like you to be aware of is that there are plenty of tools available to you to help you quite your gambling activities.

One that you need to be fully aware of is a gambling blocking tool, in fact there are several of them available to you right now, and once you download one onto any type of mobile devices, computer or laptop and install it that software will block your from accessing any and all gambling sites and apps.

That is another line of defence that you should be using to help you quit gambling for good, so spend some time next looking for one to use and you will possibly be grateful later down the line that you had started to use one.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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