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The benefits of shower thermostats

A thermostatic shower is one of those simple yet elegant solutions that will make taking a shower that much more pleasurable. It is among the most common and widely available models on the market. But what exactly are its benefits and why should you get one?

What are shower thermostats?

A thermostatic shower will have a thermostatic valve that keeps the temperature of water constant. It does this by mixing hot and cold water together for a more consistent stream of a temperature which you can set up front. The hot water is stored before being mixed with the colder water until the preset temperature is reached. A manual mixer shower, in comparison, mixes hot and cold water to a set temperature but it wouldn’t be able to switch temperature quickly as and when you need it. The valve consistently adjusts the temperature to keep it consistent with whatever level you set it to. If the cold water supply fails, thermostatic showers will turn off to avoid scalding the skin. For more information about what shower thermostats are exactly, check out this article.
Now that we know how shower thermostats work and what makes them special, why should you get one?

Saving water

Reducing the amount of water we waste at home is a topic of growing importance. One way to lower unnecessary water waste is by installing a shower thermostat. Standard shower heads use around 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and if you’re waiting for the water to reach the perfect temperature, you’ll be wasting plenty of water this way. Because thermostatic showers preheat the water to the desired temperature, you can save up to 50% of water. But you won’t just be saving water, you’ll also save energy and costs. There are plenty of reasons why water could be costing you money without you knowing it. Don’t let showers be one of them.

Avoid burns

Another benefit of the thermostatic shower is that you avoid scalding or burning your skin. Most models will come with a safety stop which means that pre-set temperatures can’t be accidentally turned up. What’s more, thermostatic showers also cut off automatically if the cold water is shut off for any reason. This ensures that you don’t end up burning your skin.

Convenience and design

Last, but not least, once you’ve found your perfect shower temperature, you’ll be enjoying it again and again when you’ve invested in a thermostatic shower. You only need to set it once and you’re good to go. And they’re not just convenient, but also stylish. Thermostatic showers are available in a wide array of style options to suit any bathroom design.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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