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    Pros and Cons of Using a Haulage Company

    Haulage companies are involved in the transportation of cargo by rail or road. Moreover, a top-notch haulage company usually has the expertise to prepare and process any necessary documentation and conduct related tasks involved in the orchestration of goods import and exports. Most haulage companies provide the following services and options for freight transportation;

    • Freight forwarding
    • High-value secure transport
    • Fast freight carriers

    Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a haulage company.

    Pros of Using a Haulage Company

    • It saves time.

    Outsourcing to a logistics and haulage company or contractor means you don’t have to worry about all the processes related to transportation and delivery. Using a haulage company allows you to concentrate your efforts on other business or personal engagements.

    • Cost-effective.

    You need to have funds if you want to purchase trucks to transport your cargo regularly. You may also have to think about your warehousing needs. Unfortunately, this tends to become a major drain on capital investment, money that could be channeled to other projects, such as expanding your business ventures.

    You will incur more costs when owning a fleet rather than just using a haulage company. For starters, insurance, fuel, maintenance and repairs, paying for registration, and costs of employing drivers

    However, with a haulage company, the costs are minimized since you don’t have to buy anything or spend more than what you can manage.

    • Increased flexibility

    Most haulage companies have warehousing capabilities that give you increased flexibility when it comes to storage. As such, these companies ensure your cargo arrives safely. You wouldn’t have to worry about acquiring more storage space or paying for storage space that you don’t need.

    Cons of Using a Haulage Company

    • Long Queue Time

    Unfortunately, trucks tend to face delays from long queues at checking points or weighbridges. These may significantly reduce the time it takes for the cargo to reach its destination. It is for this reason that the rail system is sometimes more preferable. There are almost no queues to delay transportation.

    Long queues can result from gate processing delays or congestion in container terminals.

    • Inexperienced Drivers and Carriers

    Some haulage companies hire haulage drivers with close to no experience in transit. This poses a huge challenge, especially if the driver is not familiar with the routes and how to possibly guarantee safe transportation of the cargo. These inexperienced drivers and carriers tend to cause delays in problem resolutions.

    What is Haulage Cost?

    the haulage fee is an important factor to put into consideration when hiring a haulage company. As you figure what is haulage cost, note that haulage pricing tend to differ from one company to another.

    The factors that impact haulage pricing in the UK include;

    • Demand for freight
    • Vehicle capacity
    • Weight of the freight vehicle
    • Fuel costs
    • The labour market for transport drivers

    Hire the Best Haulage Company in the UK

    Hiring the best haulage company takes due diligence. You have to be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Using a haulage company is considered a more practical approach for transporting cargo. Before hiring one, come up with a more comprehensive list of the pros and cons of using a haulage company. In most cases, the pros tend to outweigh the cons.

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