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8 Essential Rules For Effective Outreach Campaign

The internet has simplified many things for us. For the most part, we can satisfy our needs – be it the need for entertainment, education, a job, or something else – by clicking and surfing through the web. And although not everything is possible or available on the internet, there are still far too many opportunities. For example, business opportunities and blogger outreach services.

The internet is great for marketing since so many people use it. If you have something to sell (goods, services, or information), the global network might be your best choice for a marketplace. Whether it will be the best depends on you. Are you ready to learn, adapt, and change? An online market is a competitive place. Are you ready for challenges?

Luckily, we are here to give you some advice and direction. The topic of today is an outreach campaign.

In Case You Do Not Know

An outreach campaign is a method of establishing connections through email with other brands, influencers, businesses, artists, or anyone else with their own clients or audience. This way, you can get links to your site or page (do you want to know other effective link-building strategies?), find new customers, or increase web traffic.

Know Your Business

This obvious statement is essential in the beginning. To promote your products, you must have a clear understanding of your goals, what you are proposing, and many other whys, whats, and wheres.

What is the value of your product/service? What makes it special?

What is the appropriate branding style for your thing? Does your company style convey the right message? Does your style emphasize the value of your product/service?

What is your target audience? Who will be interested in your products/services? How can you persuade them to choose your product/service?

To make your business attractive to others, you should:

  1. Define it at the start.
  2. Avoid a mismatch between your promises and what you deliver.
  3. Base your marketing on the specifics of your brand and target audience.

If you are getting started with your marketing strategy, check these best marketing tools to make your life easier.

Know Your Allies

If you are confident that your business is ready for the market, let’s move on to the next step. The idea of outreach is to use the network of other entrepreneurs to promote yours. To do it, you need to find the right associates for your marketing campaign. There should be some sort of logical connection between your product/service and theirs. If there is, then their audience or customers might get interested in what you do(and vice versa).

Besides, knowing more about your potential collaborators will help you with writing emails. To win their trust and interest, you should explain why you are a good ‘ally’ for them. In other words, what and how much they will gain from cooperation with you.

Subject Line Delivery

Now, we approach the basics of writing an email.

It all starts with a subject line. It is the first thing that your mail recipient will read. The quality of your subject line defines whether your recipient will open that email or send it to the ‘spam’ category. How to make it good?

It should be short and direct. You do not have much space to write, nor your addresses have time to read a long subject line. Make the purpose of your email clear to them. However, if you want to get a better chance of a response, you should make it catchy. A personalized approach can also be useful. The rest is up for you: 1) [Name], love your article. Check this out! 2) I can help you with … 3) Stairway to SEO heaven, interested?

There is no absolute right way to get their attention (different people notice different things, right?). Be creative!

  A Personal Touch

You need to make it clear that you write to this person and not anyone else. Thus, you will win a smidge (or more) of their trust. When you mention their names, successes, products, audience, or any other specific feature – it shows your attention and respectful attitude much better than some dull template. Also, it is harder to ignore personal emails because it is pleasant to read them, and ignoring them seems so impolite.

Do not forget to be relevant. If you write about their success, do it about the latest ones!

Prove Your Value

Why are you the one they need? Explain in the main body of your email what makes you or your proposal valuable. However, do not make it all about yourself (personalization, remember?) and do not make it too long, beggarly, or flowery. They do not have time to read an essay about you: mention a couple of strong points and mutual benefits.

Call To Action

Call to action (CTA) should reinforce your email. It must have a link to your site or page (something that should be of interest to your recipient) and a request (invite them to click on it). As with everything mentioned in previous paragraphs, you need to make it clear and concise. A person reading your email must know where that link leads and why it is necessary to click on it.

To reinforce CTA, you might consider using two CTAs per email – in the main body and the end. The second one can give an extra reason to click on the same link or prompt a person to contact you.

Follow-up Email

A follow-up email is a nice way to remind them about your proposal. Sometimes, people are busy responding to your email immediately, and later they forget about it. Three or four days should be enough for them to contact you, and if they have not – send a follow-up.

A follow-up is not the same email sent twice. You need to freshen up their memories – putting some context, personalization, a hint about your value, and a CTA – without rewriting the first email.

A third follow-up is also possible (again after a few days). If no response is sent, you can leave it there and move on.

Track Your Progress

If you want to excel, you better keep tracking your outreach progress. It will help you to define what is effective and not. Also, you can compare your results with different recipients. Do influencers react in the same way to your prompts as some huge brands? It will help you to write more successful emails in the future.

There are many outreach tools to assist you with tracking.


Be creative, track your progress, learn from your mistakes, and get better!

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Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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