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Best UK Real Money Gaming Streamers

There’s no doubt casino streaming has been creating a buzz on Twitch lately. But not everyone is convinced streamers use real money. So, is casino streaming genuine? What are the best channels to watch real money casino streams?

No one wants to want streamers that use fake cash. It’s neither exciting nor honest. The real action lies in real money betting. Against that backdrop, below is our list of the best real casino streamers online.

1—Fruity Slots

Fruity Slots is one of the most popular casino streaming channels on both YouTube and Twitch. It stars the trio of Josh, Jamie and Scottie, British friends who’ve been playing casino games for over a decade.

You can watch or read about their stories on all Fruity Slots platforms, mainly their channels and website: fruityslots.com. They also feature a guide on how they became the number one casino streamers in the UK to inspire upcoming streamers.

While there are numerous streaming channels based in the UK, Fruity Slots sets themselves apart by broadcasting both the good and the bad of gambling. Sometimes they show you their biggest wins. Sometimes they talk about losses.

Owing to their honesty, Fruity slots is one of the fastest growing channels online. It has nearly 10,000 fans on Twitch and 36000+ followers on YouTube. The trio of streamers broadcast unique content regularly and make it easy to chat with them.

2—The Late-Night Slots

The Late-Night Slots is another popular real money casino streaming channel from the UK. It stars Toni TNT and Rob, both of whom are animators by profession. They stream new content almost daily, something that helped grow their channel to 10,000+ fans in less than a year.

Similar to Fruity Slots, the Late-night slots channel focuses on slots primarily. Rob and Toni take turns or stream their favorite slot machines together. Unlike Fruity slots, though, The Late-Night Slots isn’t so committed to YouTube streaming. The channel has just over 100 followers on YouTube and barely has any videos.

All the same, it’s a great channel for learning about the best new slots in the UK, how to hunt bonuses and to keep up with the profits and losses made by Rob and Toni.

3—Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is one of the biggest real money casino streaming channels on Twitch. It has 159,000 fans on the Amazon-owned network and an extra 70,000 following on YouTube. So, why is the channel so popular?

The channel’s broadcasters are live nearly every minute of the day. Led by brothers Erik, Mathias Joelsson and Karl Anton, the streamers broadcast live content for up to 12 hours continuously. That means no matter the time of the day, no matter where you live, there’s a chance you’ll find live content to watch on Casino Daddy.

And if you like watching popular YouTube videos, you’ll be glad to know Casino Daddy has videos with over two million views. Basically, the videos are about money won by the channel’s streamers. But they also share actionable tips on how to choose great games.

4—Classy Beef

Classy Beef sounds like a great name for a butcher shop. Instead, it’s an incredibly popular Twitch channel with 156,000 followers. It’s operated by a band of friends that take turns to ensure there’s live content on their channel 24/7.

Owing to that backdrop, Classy Beef has risen to become a trailblazer as far as real money casino streaming is concerned. In the usual style, Classy Beef focuses on slots—games the friends play, precious wins, and reviews.

Classy Beef attracts tens of thousands of viewers every hour. One of the reasons they’re so popular is they’re more of entertainers than gamblers. They have loads of funs on their streams, sometimes dancing and holding tournaments.


Casino streamers come and go but few of them are as resilient as Roshtein. Originally from Sweden, Roshtein is an English-speaking streamer based in Sweden. He’s a full-time streamer with new content every day.

Roshtein is famous for his continuous stream, which he does with friends. This way, he can play slots live for eight to 24 hours. The result: he attracts hundreds of thousands of views with his daily videos

Roshtein has 482 followers on Twitch, making him the most popular casino streamer on Twitch. Add his 61,000 fans on YouTube and no one comes close to Rosh’s popularity in the casino streaming space.

And sure enough, any casino player would want to have as much success playing slots as Roshtein. He’s always show casing his profits, most of which span north of €100,000. Are his wins legitimate? This is often a cause a debate from his fans. But as far as Roshtein is concerned, all his profits are legitimate.

6—Let’s Give It a Spin

The secret for earning success on Twitch is to entertain people. Kim, the guy behind Let’s Give It a Spin, is certainly a great entertainer. While Kim’s ultimate goal is to make money playing slots, he also enjoying making his 58,000 Twitch followers laugh.

Kim doesn’t limit himself to slots. Depending on the day, he’s usually broadcasting content centered on table games. That said, slots broadcasts attract the most attention on his channel. As such, he spends up to ten hours playing different slots.

7—Nick Slots

Based in Yorkshire England, Nick Slots is a popular casino streaming channel on Twitch. Its owner, Nick, is an honest player that shows both his wins and fails Unlike most of his competitors, Nick streams for a few minutes.

So, if you’re not a fan of super long broadcasts, Nick Slots is a great choice. Unfortunately, the channel doesn’t publish content consistently. Nick often takes months before going live and this has affected the growth of his channel.

To expound more, Nick Slots is more than five years old. Yet it has 23,000 fans. Although a decent fanbase size, there are lots of newer channels with a lot more fans. That said, you can consider checking out old videos for the fun of it.

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