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Games with the Worst Odds

Gambling is like the arcade for adults. There are so many fun machines, bright colours, and a lot of people enjoying themselves, so naturally it’s all very attractive. The difference is money. The money keeps people coming back for more.

The baseline objective of going to a casino is to come out with more money than with you went. Upon first glance, the games all look pretty similar therefore the odds of winning at different games seems similar, however this is not the case. Not all games have the same odds of you taking home some extra spending money. If you are new to online casinos, here are the ins and outs of which games you want to be playing and which games you should avoid.


Slots are machines that you put your money into, push a button or pull a lever, then wait to see if the wheel lands in your favour. Whilst slots are attractive as they are easy to play, they do not have good odds. The odds of winning are around 1 in 49,836,032. These numbers do not play in your favour at all.

Some slots do have better odds than others, and the odds are shown on the slot machine you are using. If you don’t mind not winning all the time, and are just playing for the experience and passing the time, you will need an online casino that offers great slot games. According to Manekineko Casino, one of those is Joy Casino, and has a collection of slot games that should keep you entertained for hours. Generally, the higher the price to pay, the better your odds are. So whilst there are ways to strategize and increase your chances of winning, slots are not your best bet.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune is played by placing bets on what segment the wheel will land on. This could be a 1$, 5$, 10$, 20$ or a joker segment. This is a popular game as it requires no effort at all and is simple to understand. It’s fun because it is a game of chance, and people enjoy the thrill of the risk. The odds of winning here are not good, but not the worst.

The odds of winning are between 26% and 39% depending on how you place your bets. You’re more likely to win if you bet on 1$ however, they pay-out is minimal and if you bet on joker, your odds of winning decrease but the pay-out will increase. This game is only based on chance and does not hold particularly great odds bring bringing home the money.


Keno is comparable to the lottery. You choose a set of between 9 to 15 numbers from 80 potential numbers, and every few minutes, the casino will draw 20 balls and the more numbers you have that match the numbers called, the better your winnings. This game is convenient as it is constantly happening and you can play other games whilst playing Keno.

As aforementioned, it is similar to the lottery, meaning it has a similar house edge to the lottery. The house edge for Keno is slightly less than the lottery, but still leaves you with very unfavourable odds.


Poker odds can vary quite dramatically. Poker is a game of luck because you do not know who you are up against and how good they are at poker, and you are given random cards. There is a skill and practice to poker that when done with extreme precision and wisdom, that can earn you the big bucks, however it is highly unlikely if you are not already an incredibly highly skilled poker player. Playing poker online can be tough. If you join a game that caters to large amounts of players, your odds of winning become much lower, however the prize is more. If you choose to play at a smaller table, your winnings will be smaller, but it is more likely that you might win something.


Blackjack is your best bet at winning the most money. Blackjack is a simple card game that doesn’t require much skill, but is still an enjoyable game. There is about a 49% chance of winning per game for blackjack, which are very favourable odds. In this game, you are playing the dealer. The dealer relies on luck just as much as the player does which creates a more even platform to win.

The game is simple, the objective is to get to as close to 21 without going over. If you are the closest to 21, you win. Playing this game is definitely a smart choice when entering the world of gambling.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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