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The 5 Best Free Music Apps for Android in 2021

Who doesn’t love music? We can hardly find someone who is not interested in music. App developers all-round the globe keep bringing one or more music apps every month to keep the interest of their customers alive. For many of us, music is life. These developers make sure that the best service comes to us when we surf for music through their apps. Having a good music app that helps you browse for music and download or save them conveniently is a blessing in itself. Check out APKDyno for some amazing free music apps available in the market right now. 

We have listed down the 5 best free music apps for android in 2021 below. Check out the list and download your favourite app today.

  1. Music Player

Leopard V7 made ‘Music Player’ app is one of the most versatile android music app available in the market for free. It has a collection of a wide range of songs. You can get anything from romantic to devotional just searching through it. The app also allows the classification of songs as per genre, artist and a few more specifications. This way you get just the right song for your mood every time. Both audio and video modes are available at Music Player. 

Some of the features of Music Player include:

• More than 22 different types of pre-set music styles are available.

• 3 different style theme widgets.

• 22 custom backgrounds.

• Supports all kind of music file formats.

• Shake the phone once to change the song.

• Headset and Bluetooth control supported.

• Easy to search option.

  1. Pi Music Player

If your motive is to find a cross-platform free android music player, Pi Music Player is your answer. It has a great collection of both old as well as new songs. It keeps updating every new song that releases in its database. It has a clean layout that attracts most people. 

Some other features of Pi Music Player include:

• Audiobook and Podcasts support.

• 3D effect, band equalizers, and pre-sets available.

• 25 themed background with cool animations.

• Sleep timing available.

• Ringtone cutter is available.

  1. Deezer Music Player: Songs, Radio & Podcasts

Deezer Music Player is a free android app that most of us would have tried at least once. As the name suggests, it does almost everything related to music. It has songs, tunes to radio as well as supports podcasts. One of the best features of this music app is its availability of music downloading. Its clean interface makes the whole music surfing experience smooth every single time. It’s fast, so you don’t have to wait for hours to get access to the song of your choice. 

Some other features of Deezer Music Player include:

• Create your unique playlist and share them with friends.

• Beautiful layouts, band equalizers, and themes.

• Customizable theme background.

• Collection of 53 million songs to listen to.

• Song recommendations as per choice.

  1. Google Play Music

If you are an android phone lover, you already know what Google Play Music is, don’t you? Google Play Music is among the most popular music apps for android.  It has a huge collection of songs, old and new. It keeps on updating the interface for making your music surfing experience smoother than before. 

Some other features of Google Play Music include:

• Radio station networks and podcasts support.

• Collection of over 50k songs for personalised playlists.

• Collection of 35 million songs.

• Song recommendations as per your mood and taste.

• Rocket-fast search engine.

• Premium membership is also available.

  1. JetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio is yet another android music app that has seen millions of downloads ever since it came to the market. It has a huge collection of amazing songs that attracts users all-round the world. Its simple and decent interface makes the app convenient for everyone to browse and listen to songs. JetAudio also allows you to share your playlist with your friends and family via WiFi. The whole interface is customizable, which makes it even more attractive. 

Some other features of JetAudio HD Music player include:

• Offers more than 20 band equalizers and about 32 equalizer presets.

• Awesome sound quality with many effects.

• Customizable

• 2 lock screens and 14 widgets provided.

• Notifications on updates and song suggestions.

Final Words

A Music app is a must-have for people of all ages. Music is a companion for all kind of moods and feelings. Simply open your favourite music app, tug on your headphone and leave the world behind. May it be a break-up you are moving from, studying for an exam, seeking a moment of peace or anything else, music accompanies you through all thicks and thins. Go through our list of the 5 best free music apps for android in 2021 and let us know which among all these is your favourite. Also, feel free to add any other free android music app that you like the best if it is not on the list.  Also, Gaming Beasts has all the PC Games you require to have an entertaining quarantine during this pandemic.

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