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Is now a good time to buy a home in St Albans?

St Albans is a beautiful cathedral town and one of the largest regions in Hertfordshire county. It is also one of the ancient settlements which have an added charm of the Roman culture to the locality. People who wish to live away from the bustling city but still live close to it can easily opt to reside at St Albans. You can find the perfect property for you with the help of estate agents in St Albans. The city is an essential commuter belt and is just 20 minutes away from Kings Cross. Its excellent network enables the residents to travel quickly across London and other boroughs. St Albans is filled with independent shops, schools, flourishing markets, cafes, restaurants, and more, making it the most desirable place for families to live.


Hunting for properties in St Albans is not that hard and is available in all types- from 2 to 4 bedroom flats to semi and fully detached homes with striking features and more. The help of Collinson Hall estate agents in St Albans will be helpful if you’re looking for the right place in a precise budget. The price range of the houses in the neighbourhoods of St Albans is on the higher end. Usually, people residing here have high income and can easily keep up with the real estate market in this town. People looking out at properties for sale in St Albans for the first time can find plenty of options in this locality. 

This main urban town in Hertfordshire county is popular among families for the balanced life and accessibility to all the necessary amenities in the area, which is why the constant demand for varied types of properties. Buying a property is an excellent investment in St Albans. The renting yields from this locality are highly profitable and favourable for the property owners of this region.

Likewise, those wishing to find properties to rent in St Albans can take the help of letting agents and find a budget-friendly home. Compared to the other Hertfordshire regions, St Albans offers low rental homes that come in line with the budget of the families looking to rent a place. Homes with single bedrooms are the most feasible option for individual residents. While, families can go for two, three- or four-bedroom flats or detached homes to enjoy the ambience of St Albans. 

The pandemic time from last year brought in unique limelight over St Albans and became even popular among people residing outside the town. This town became the most looked-for place for its gracious open lawns, larger than life homes convenient and bound with all the amenities in the neighbourhood. Most Londoners were seen moving into St Albans to live in peaceful countryside, leaving the busy and crowded city behind them. 


The effects of Covid-19 have their perks and drawbacks in different sectors. The relaxation of lockdown restrictions has seen a sweeping boost in all business domains, especially the real estate business. Property prices at Hertfordshire were relatively high compared to other boroughs before the lockdown began. After a long year, there has been a slight dip in the property prices at St Albans and similarly in other parts of Hertfordshire. While the property prices are likely to fall by 21% by the end of 2021. The deposit rate has dropped down by 10% compared to the property prices in other parts of London, which saves up about £52,987 during the mortgage phase. Although, people planning to buy a property at St Albans should ensure to keep their pockets full before getting into the deal. With the new government’s property tax regulations in the town, people plan to avail the added benefits along with low price tags and thereby save more money.

Rental demands from people at St Albans are always high. This demand increased drastically after the lockdown phase due to the decrease in rent rates. The rental rates have gone down after the pandemic making this a convenient option for Londoners and people from other neighbourhoods moving into this town. Likewise, property owners can make the most profits by renting out in St Albans. Rentals are the most profitable in properties with homes with multiple bedrooms to be rented out to many people at once for most revenues. 

The maximum benefit is for homeowners and housebuilders looking to sell their properties. People are ready to buy homes that are first or second-handed, which is easier for the sellers. Most of the properties get sold through property finder platforms or with the help of local real estate agents. New flats and detached homes get sold during the building or the designing phase allowing the dealers or owners to sell at a higher and more beneficial rate.

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