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Writing Web-Copy: How to Keep Your Readers Engaged

Attracting your prospect with a decent web-copy isn’t easy…

But do you know what’s harder?

To keep the prospect engaged throughout the content piece! Nowadays, we all know about the human’s short attention span. (Less than the goldfish!)

Today, people ‘skim’ rather than reading the ‘whole’ content.

So what should a copywriter do to get the audience hooked? Let’s learn the website copywriting VICTORY secret from Spanishwriterpro! Are you ready to build your own ‘engagement boost machine’?

To build up a successful relationship between you and your reader, you need to follow this smooth 5-step process

Step #01: Know Your Reader

You can’t write a copy for someone you don’t know, can you?

But it’s more than just ‘knowing’ the reader…

You must know his thought process, his daily life, and other related factors to your product/service. Most importantly, find his problems, assess your product, and solve the problem with it.

Talk to your reader as if you’re talking to a friend. Your cordial and friendly tone will immediately hook the reader’s attention.

Show some emotions to trigger the emotional brain of the reader (the emotional brain has five times more processing power than the cognitive brain).

Some effective ways to use emotions is show how your product or service can help:

  • Preventing a fear
  • Improving happiness
  • Avoiding repugnance
  • Get over sadness

Step #02: Distinguish the Features & Benefits

Do you what’s the magic trick of copywriting?

“Selling without letting the customers know that they are being sold.”

It’s cheeky, but that’s how it works. Your product’s features are just for you. They aren’t meant to get you sales or engagement.

The only part about which your audience is interested are the ‘benefits’ of your product.

How will your product transform their life from a ‘less’ happy state to a ‘more’ happy state?

If you can’t answer this question, then you are less likely to engage your potential customers.

Step #03: Present Your USP

USP (Unique value proposition) is the heart of your web copy.

Can’t find one for your product? It’s not that difficult, though…

You just need one excellent benefit that fits accurately on your prospect. Tweak it a little to get more creative with the idea —  That’s it. Your marvelous ‘tagline’ is ready to be used as a USP!

Always remember that website visitors are in a hurry. They can’t be engaged with something they already saw on ten other web pages. Your copy should be different in terms of its selling proposition. 

Step #04: Speak More with Fewer Words

Know the art of ‘getting a quart into a pint pot.’

Things that can be said in a ‘hundred’ words should be said in a ‘hundred’ words. Copywriters make the mistake of fluffing extra words into their web copy — and this makes no sense at all.

Conciseness in your copy is the key to get more engagements and conversions.

The early your readers know why they need you, the more engaging your web copy will be.

Step #05: Edit and Optimize

Last but not least, this step will make your web copy presentable.

A single misspelled word or a small punctuation mistake can turn away your prospect. Keep close attention to your text when proofreading. There are proofreading tools like Grammarly & ProWritingAid, which can be handy.

I would recommend editing your full copy in the end — It saves time, and optimization can be coupled.

Since you’re writing for both humans and search engines, the web copy needs to meet the guidelines of SEO while being interesting for the readers.

Pro Tip: Do not overoptimize your copy for search engines. In the end, it’ll be a human who would read your content — Not a search engine bot. Keywords are great for SEO but might be killers for readability, so use them wisely.

Humans Connect Humans

Being a social animal, a human likes to connect, speak, read, and listen to another human being — Don’t talk to him like a robot.

Make fans, NOT customers! The moment you speak to him like a friend in your copy, he will be hooked forever.

Happy copywriting…

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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