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SEGA Will Join NFT Boom With Classic And Future Video Game Tokens

The Japanese multinational video game development and distribution company, SEGA, announced on Tuesday, April 27, the launch of several NFTs (non-fungible tokens) where the protagonists will be the characters of its classic video games and their future titles.

According to the statement published on the official SEGA website, the NFTs of different video games such as Total War, Yakuza, Bayonetta, Shenmue and the popular blue hedgehog Sonic , will be available from this summer.

The NFTs of both classic and future SEGA video games will consist of visual art, video game sequences and arts with their soundtrack, which will recreate the history of the company since the 80s. About this launch, the Japanese company expressed what:

Through this initiative, we will accumulate knowledge in blockchain and promote aggressive business development beyond NFTs, using blockchain technology, while enhancing the potential of games and creating new emotional experiences for users around the world.

SEGA official statement.
SEGA, through a tweet , communicated that for the launch of their NFTs they will be working with Double It is a video game company that owns games on blockchain and several NFTs, among which are the trading card games My Crypto Heroes and My Crypto Saga .

Although SEGA has not said on which NFT platform it will launch its tokens, the most likely is that it is Flow , since according to Decrypt , Double is moving all its Ethereum games to this platform created by Dapper Labs, due to scalability issues with Ethereum.

Thus, SEGA joins with Square Enix as a video game developer, to the new NFT technology. Well, the company that owns the Final Fantasy video game announced in March, through an official statement, an NFT for its game Million Arthur, also together with Double

Sonic fans speak out on SEGA’s launch of NFT
One of SEGA’s most iconic characters is Sonic , a blue hedgehog who owns a video game with the same name. Among the topics covered in this video game are the dangers that technology can generate, and the protection of the environment.

This is why many fans of the game and the character have spoken out against SEGA’s decision to launch an NFT, since according to the specialized video game website, Vandal , the creation of this uses a lot of energy and electricity, generating a Carbon footprint similar to that left by a car when traveling 800 meters , this being harmful to the environment.

The fans of the blue hedgehog have spoken in the announcement that SEGA gave on Twitter about the NFTs, with tweets like that of the user identified as @ fraciscoluis04 :

This is the same company that made a specific game about preventing a mechanized and toxic earth.
This is disgusting…
Especially for a Sonic fan like me.

@ franciscoluis04.
On March 22, World Planet Day, Sonic’s official account posted a tweet with ideas to take care of him, so it’s not uncommon for SEGA’s decision to upset them so much.

Another user identified as @HP_Zone responded to SEGA’s statement on Twitter with the following tweet :

Hey When I was a child, your flagship character taught me to care about the environment.
It is more than a little jarring to see that same face contributing to the destruction of the planet at a time like this.

Despite fan reaction, SEGA has not said anything about backing down or reconsidering its decision to launch NFT.

The reaction of Sonic fans is reminiscent of the reaction of fans of the alternative music group Gorillaz , reviewed by CriptoNoticias, who also expressed their opinions about how harmful NFTs are for the environment when the band announced the launch of its token no. expendable, for his twentieth birthday.

One of the Gorillaz fans even went so far as to open a petition on for interested parties to sign, in order to get in touch with the band and their team to slow down the process of launching the NFT.

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