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Top 10 Things to Pack on Your Next Holiday Trip to Tennessee Theme Parks

Visiting a theme park is a dream for many people around the world. Whether adults or little ones; we all love an adrenaline-pumping experience to satisfy the little explorer among us. People wait and save for months before they even consider having a successful outdoorsy trip. Many people rush every year to the famous theme parks in America. Tennessee is known to house some of the best theme parks in the world. Gatlinburg specifically is a gateway to one of the best parks in the world. Are you planning a trip to this fantastic theme park? If yes, there are plenty of things you must consider when packing.

Packing For A Theme Park Trip

To truly enjoy the theme park trip, you must prepare ahead of time. We have assembled a list of the top ten things you will need on your next trip to a theme park. Packing matters a lot because you would need various things for an entire day-long trip. Here are some things that you absolutely need:

1- Comfortable Waterproof Shoes

By now, we all are confident that theme parks take a lot of walking. They also have a couple of water slides, so there’s a good chance you’ll get soaked at any point during your tour. Walking in mushy, wet shoes is not a good idea. Get a pair of durable boots that are easy to walk in damp or dry conditions. If your next trip is to visit Gatlinburg attractions, consider wearing the most comfortable pair you own. Dollywood is the most popular theme park, and with so many water rides, it’s better not to risk those Gucci shoes.

2- Power Bank

Going out doesn’t mean you won’t be using your phone. In fact, when you go out, phone usage increases dramatically. Pictures, videos, time-lapses, Instagram Live, and Snapchat are all a part of your story. A mobile battery can be a source of an issue, especially if you cannot capture moments with your loved ones. Also, it is crucial to have your phone on in case of any emergency. If you are planning to explore in groups, your phone should be powered on to communicate efficiently. Talking a fully charged power bank with you will help you maintain the battery level of your phone.

3- Water Bottle

Visiting theme parks in places like Nashville and Gatlinburg, especially during the summers, can leave quite an impact on your overall hydration level. The sun is up, and adrenaline is pumping – it definitely leaves a lot of influence on your overall health. Although there are shops available to purchase water, why waste money? Instead of putting your health at risk from public water and spending money to buy packaged ones, take a water bottle with you. Some water bottles come with a chain or a connector so they can hang on your backpack/pants easily.

4- Sunscreen

Whether you like it or not, sunscreen is a staple to your theme park trip. You are going to be spending hours in the sun on a summer day. This will help legit burn your sting and cause damage that you’re going to regret. To avoid sunburns, keep sunscreen in your bag at all times. Don’t hesitate to pack extra if you can keep for others as well. Sunscreens with a sun protection factor of 30 plus are effective for hotter regions. People think that sunscreen is beneficial for summer trips only. This couldn’t be more wrong. Even during winters, dermatologists recommend that you opt for sunscreen before leaving the house.

5- Extra Clothing

This is a rather unusual thing to add. Not many people think of adding an extra pair of clothes. It somewhat becomes a necessity if you are visiting a theme park. Nothing is better than having water rides in theme parks near me on a hot sunny day. And nothing feels worse than sitting drenched in water with sand sticking to your clothes and shoes. When visiting a water-based theme park, it is obvious you are going to get wet. So, instead of wasting time waiting for clothes to dry so you can go home or on another ride, buy an extra pair. For children, it’s mandatory to pack extra, but for you as an adult, it depends on the rides you plan to take. We recommend that you get on the water rides first and then the others.

6- Packing Cubes/Separators

You are obviously packing a lot of things for the trip. Instead of cluttering them all together, buy some backpack separators or packing cubes to help you organize the contents of your bag. You can easily order this from Amazon or eBay. A cluttered bag means that your melted chocolates, charging cables, tampons are all smudged together in one place. Avoid this as much as you can. If you are unable to find cubes, buy a bag with in-built separators.

7- Snacks

Fill your theme park bag with snacks. Of course, you will get delicious food at theme parks like Smokie Mountain Vacations but, it’s better to keep some extras in the bag. Carry some granola bars to keep you active, some nuts, and if you have children – undoubtedly their favorite snacks. Carrying spares will give you some extra energy to roam around. If you are really there for the rides, having snacks at hand will help you save time. Just remember that many theme parks do not allow their visitors to have a picnic. Your snacks should be easily accommodated in the bag and can be eaten on the go.

8- Cash

Cards are accepted almost everywhere is chances you and most people book their tickets beforehand. Still, it is important to keep a couple of extra dollars with you in case of an emergency. You never know when you might need it.

9- Sanitizer

 When you are visiting a theme park, there is a lot of touching involved. Touching the rides, touching different pathways, touching other tables, and of course, touching people who are touching all these things. These things are touched by hundreds of people every day, and it’s better to stay on the safer side. After the pandemic, many theme parks have introduced safety precautions. Still, it’s better that you take your little cleanliness kit with you.

10- Deodorants

A theme park trip in the summers means that you can get sweaty. Having an excellent deodorant will save you the embarrassment of an unpleasant smell. You can actually pack what you have at home. Instead of your regular body spray, choose something different. One spray can cause discomfort to an asthmatic fellow sitting next to you. With their water slides and long lines in the bright summer heat, theme parks will make you long for a refreshing shower. Using a deodorant wipe, you can stay refreshed and rejuvenated for a long time without causing discomfort.


A trip to theme parks is always a blast. If you have the right people to tag along with, it can be a memory of a lifetime. Many people struggle because of insufficient packing. By packing the things mentioned above, you can easily save yourself hassle and expenditure if you need anything during the trip.

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Sam Allcock
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