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Why to choose TheOneSpy tracking app review?

The technology has evolved over the years, and today we have numerous options for cell phone tracking apps. In This post, you will learn why to choose TheOneSpy tracking software, the purpose of its usage, and who you can monitor – your kids and employees in particular. In this review, you should consider about OS compatibility of an app with your target cellphone. Further, we will analyze monitoring app features that push you to choose the tracking software for cellphones, PCs, and computer devices.

Here we discuss the TheOneSpy tracking application comprehensively.

What is the TheOneSpy tracking app?

Tracking software is an application that you can install on any device to monitor activities, like GPS location, call logs, read messaging apps, screenshots, screen recorder, website blocking, track emails, keystrokes logging, and many more. The phone tracker app is a widely used by parents, employers, and individuals to keep tabs of kids and employees on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices. Hundreds of surveillance apps are available on the web, but we choose a tracking app that works on any phone and PC.

Where is TheOneSpy appropriate for usage?

 There are two legitimate usages of tracking app that everyone needs to know about it:

  • To set parental control on kid’s digital devices

TheOneSpy tracker for mobile phones, PCs, and computer devices is the best application over the last decade that provides the best services to set parental control on kid’s digital devices without them knowing. It empowers parents to read phone messages, capture PC screenshots, and record live activities on a computer screen. Parents can view and track everything of kids on digital devices secretly. It is hidden and undetectable tracking software that every parent should have at their disposal.

  1. Best for cyber bullying prevention
  2. Useful for keeping an eye on kid’s communication with strangers
  3. Read sexting activities and prevent teens from privacy sharing
  4. Stop your teens from blind dating using messaging apps
  5. Protect your kids from all kinds of online predators
  6. Monitor and measure kid’s screen time
  • To track employees business devices during working hours

The theOneSpy application can track and monitor business devices provided to employees at any point in time. It offers tracking services that allow business professionals to know what your employees are doing on business devices. You can capture keystrokes, screen recording, MIC Bug, camera bug, surround recording, GPS location, messages tracker, and many other activities.

  1. Read emails & communication on messaging apps
  2. Protect business from hackers and cyber attacks
  3. Create data backup for your business data
  4. Prevent time-wasting activities of employees
  5. Measure productivity via live reports
  6. Catch rouge employees red-handedly

What are the products of TheOneSpy monitoring software?

It is an applications-rich and feature-rich application that can easily make your decision to have it at your disposal. Following are the products of TheOneSpy that you need to know for sure.

TheOneSpy Android tracking software

It is a cellphone monitoring application for android phones and tablet devices. It is hidden and undetectable best android spy app. It is for spying on kids and to keep an eye on employees during working hours. It has dozens of features and easy to install the application without rooting android phones.

Top Features of android tracker app that you need to know:

  • Read text messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Call recording
  • Surround recording
  • View360
  • Social media tracking
  • Live screen recording
  • Keystrokes logging

OS compatibility:

The android tracker is compatible with phones and tablets running with android OS up to OS version 11 and starting from 5.0.

Pros of TheOneSpy android spy:

  • It is non-rooted application
  • It remains hidden on target phone
  • It has traditional & exclusive features
  • Temper proof application
  • Take few minutes to configure
  • Retrieve WhatsApp messages

Cons of TheOneSpy android monitoring app:

  • No remote installation capacity
  • Require physical access to complete setup


TOS XLite Edition for $ 6.25/month

TOS Premium Edition for $12.5/ month

TheOneSpy IPhone monitoring app

It is the world’s no.1 jailbreak solution for iOS devices to monitor kid’s and employee’s devices secretly. The application has numerous features that work on iPhone devices. It is one of the best iPhone tracking apps to read messages, iMessages, and device information with a hassle-free installation process.

Top iPhone tracking application features at your disposal:

  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • WhatsApp messages
  • Installed apps
  • Contacts
  • Appointment

OS compatibility:

iPhone spy app for jailbreak devices is compatible with IOS 11.3 up to 14.3.

TheOneSpy non-jailbreak solution Pros:

  • Reasonable in price
  • Exclusive set of features
  • Read WhatsApp logs

TheOneSpy iPhone tracking application Cons:

  • No remote installation
  • Works on jailbreak iOS devices

TheOnewSpy Windows tracking application

It is the best PC monitoring application that enables users to spy and track computer laptops and desktop devices. The application has got features that track the live activities of windows PCs to the fullest. It is best for setting parental control and for business safety. You can easily install it on the target device without facing hassles.

Top Features of windows monitoring software:

  • Block websites
  • Live camera spy
  • On-demand screenshots
  • Email tracking
  • Surround recording
  • Keystrokes logger

OS compatibility:

It is compatible with all windows OS devices up to 10.0 versions.


It is for $40 per month

It is for $60 for 3 months

It is for $ 80 for 6 months

TheOneSpy MAC spying software

It is the best computer monitoring application running with MAC operating systems. You can use it to track and monitor any laptop and desktop device for parental control and business safety. You need to get physical access to the target device for an installation process.

Top Features of TheOneSpy computer spying software

  • Camera Bug
  • MIC Bug
  • Keystrokes
  • Sync settings
  • Screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • Block websites

OS compatibility:

TheOneSpy for mac monitoring is compatible with all OS versions of mac laptop and desktop devices.

Top 7 reasons to choose TheOneSpy tracking app

  • It is compatible with every cell phone device running with android, iOS, and mac and windows devices.
  • It is easy to install and takes only 3 minutes to configure its installation process on the target device. Its dashboard is easy to use and provides you instant results.
  • The application for android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC are reasonable in price but very effective in use
  • It does not require android rooting, but you have to jailbreak iPhones
  • TheOneSpy has more than 250+ features that work on its four different products. It work secretly on the target device and doesn’t leave a clue for the target person. It can track the GPS location of the target device using SMS and phone calls.
  • The application has better features than its competitors, and provides you best parental control and employee monitoring features.
  • It has secure and safe online dashboard that delivers you data instantly and keeps you informed


TheOneSpy is the best tracking application for android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices for setting parental control and keeping an eye on employee’s activities during working hours.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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