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7 Free Study Help Resources Every Student Should Use

Even though student life is full of incredible moments and lifelong memories, sometimes it could be hard to handle everything without any help. Luckily there are a lot of free resources to organize the educational process as you like. 

These services can save you a lot of time and effort. For example, if you are looking for a website to help study, there is no better resource than Studyfy. Here you can find help proofread and edit your essays. It also has the option of finding a tutor if it’s needed. 

Instead of being afraid of making mistakes in your final paper, check it with the professionals’ help. Stay confident and calm about everything on your student’s to-do-list, and enjoy your student life.

We care about you doing your best with your student obligations. That is why we have prepared five helpful study help resources every student should use to achieve their goals without any obstacles.

Improve Your Writing Skills. Some Help with Grammar Checking

For the Clubhouse generation, the proper spelling and correct grammar constructions could seem unimportant. But it’s an error of judgment. Good writing skills are necessary to achieve ambitious goals whether you want to write an essay or just sending an ordinary email to your professor. It’s always good to appear as competent and professional as possible. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources to improve your writing, which could help you right away. For this sort of assistance, we advise you to use grammar and spelling checking applications such as Grammarly. 

In addition to checking your mistakes, their AI technology helps you understand and change the text’s tone of voice. That is how your writing can sound more friendly or confident (depending on your message’s aim). Also, there is a Grammarly extension for your browser so that you can use it directly in your documents and emails.

Goodbye, Procrastination! A Few Words on Time-Management

It’s hard to stay concentrated when you are young, especially when you are constantly distracted by social media notifications. That is why you should be good at time-management to achieve more as a student. For developing the ability to stay focused, you can use different free applications or tools like Focus Keeper. 

Most of those kinds of apps use the Pomodoro Technique. This method divides your workflow into 25-minute blocks with 5-minute breaks. The breaks are getting a bit longer after you complete four blocks. This technique is beneficial as you finally start to appreciate your work time and remember to have a rest. 

The Art of Taking Notes 

The secret to being successful in academics is to be an organized person. As much as it’s essential to improve your time-managing skills, it also matters how and where you keep your notes. Of course, you can have no problems with paper notebooks and stickers. But what if you forgot it at home?

That’s how note tools such as Evernote would come in handy. This digital binder can replace all of your old notebooks. Keeping all the schedules, personal or lecture notes in one place makes your student life more manageable. This app can also be helpful with your to-do-lists and even scanning handwritten notes. 

Be a Project Manager 

Your education is your project. As the only person responsible for your success, you should understand how the projects work, manage the tasks and keep your plans updated. Simple project-management tools such as Slack allow you to develop your organizational skills and better understand how it feels to be a boss. 

This resource is also very convenient for communication with your mates, having group or one-to-one discussions, or simply exchanging files. Moreover, you can use this application for distance learning. 

Play and Learn

This tip will be handy for those who have problems with remembering new words. Quizlet is another application, which could be extremely useful for students. It’s an old but gold method based on memory flashcards and constant repeating of the studying material. 

You can choose an already existing topic on which you want to improve your knowledge or create your own set of cards. This resource is very convenient for learning languages or learning complicated (i.e., technical, medical) terms alone or with your mates. 

Don’t Underestimate YouTube!

The most obvious tip is to use video materials as your study resource. Indeed, most of the students were looking for additional information on YouTube. However, it has way more useful opportunities than you think.

You can find information almost on any topic, every subject, and every motivational technique. For instance, on the TEDTalks channel, you can find stories of successful people who had their ups and downs but who finally found their path.

Learn and get inspired. But don’t cram until your head is full! Take care of your health. You can find many free sports training, dance, classes, or even meditation sessions for your break on YouTube. 

Creative Projects, Good Marks

Canva is another valuable tool for education. With the help of this free resource, you can create unusual presentations or worksheets for your projects even if you are not good with graphic programs. This platform is easy to use, but the results could be inspiring.

Here you can create a design of your CV or make your charts for the student project more attractive. Free photo stock and templates for almost all purposes allow you to show your creativity even with the most boring assignment. 

It doesn’t matter what tools you will choose for your study journey. What is important is that you are trying different options and looking for the most easy-to-use. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends how they fight procrastination or which they use to improve their writings. Just keep trying, and you will find your own best study resources. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcockhttps://www.abcmoney.co.uk
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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