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How to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

There is still time to plan a very special Father’s Day. For this Father’s Day, we give you inspiration and some ideas so that you can pay a little tribute to your father. If he lives with you, it will be easier to show him all your affection on this unique day and enjoy the date at home with many plans. However, if you are just a few kilometers away and are unable to live it together, don’t worry! We leave you with several proposals to surprise your father at home. The affection you feel for him knows no distance. So let’s get started!

Do you want to do something special this year, but still don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; we have put together great ideas for you to surprise your hero. Check out!

Ideas and gifts to celebrate Father’s Day at home

Who says a Father’s Day at home can’t be a special celebration? In fact, it can be an unforgettable, unrepeatable and unique moment. To get directly to the father’s heart, we need to think about his tastes, hobbies and desires, as well as his personality. When we combined everything, we received suggestions like these:

1. Home cinema

He loves movies, series and football games. If your father is a fan of the big screen, at this Father’s Day, the best gift will be a projector. Think of the best place in the house to install and enjoy it. Everything looks better on a big screen he’ll love it! And for the first time, the father chooses the film.

2. Garden or vegetable garden and offer plants

Parents who enjoy gardening and horticulture appreciate all kinds of accessories to fully indulge in their hobby. Celebrate Father’s Day and spend the morning on the terrace or in the garden with the father selecting seeds, planting, watering, pruning and organizing all the necessary equipment. And as a surprise you can send him the latest news in vertical gardens or that plant that you have been longing for.

3. Breakfast at home

Sweet or savory, coffee or tea, fruit or yogurt think about your favorite breakfast and ask to deliver it to your home. You will see his astonished face when the doorbell rings early in the morning and he opens the door. Start the day with energy and in the company of your father. If you prefer, let your imagination run wild and make breakfast at home. You already know that you cannot miss an orange juice, a juicy toast with ham and tomato and a strong coffee. What the father likes most!

Father’s Day from a distance and at home

If there are still miles to go, take note of these ideas that will surely get it right. At a distance, any event has a greater impact. So, prepare your tissues, because tears are to be expected:

Flowers for daddy – To give the final touch, send a Manly Man Father’s Day bouquet on Father’s Day. He will be eager to call you to tell you how much he liked it. Choose from our edible flowers made out of beef jerky. You can also give meaningful flowers on Father’s Day and convey all your love with a very original dedication. Even if you are not physically together, remember that your hearts are always connected.

Video call with your children – Organize a group call for the parent to see and talk to everyone. Wherever he is, he is certainly excited. You should set the best time on Father’s Day to call you. How about making a personalized T-shirt for that day and using it on the call? Have a garment with a message of love just for him that will certainly fill you with emotion.

Your favorite food at home – What is your favorite meal? It may be a good cod, a complete stew, a good steak or the latest in vegan cuisine. Or maybe you prefer that tasting menu that includes ten dishes. Do a little research and surprise him with a meal tailored to your taste and delivered directly to your home.

Incredible gift + Letter of honor – Presenting with a special product or something you already know your father is looking for is always a sure option. But, to make the tribute to Father’s Day even more special, a simple and sincere gesture makes all the difference.

So, to accompany the chosen gift, write a Father’s Day message. In the text, you can write down all the reasons why you are grateful to your father, remember good times, say what you admire about him and so on. Just be sincere and try to express all the good feelings that are in your heart.

Some ideas are: breakfast baskets, drinks and snacks kits, barbecue kit, candy baskets and personalized items for the date, such as pillows and Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet.

Tribute video for Father’s Day – Another alternative to create a tribute for Father’s Day that will yield an unforgettable memory is to make a video. Imagine your father’s emotion when watching a short film that talks about the relationship between you!

You still have time to review old photographs, select the most striking ones and make a very emotional montage. Remember the music he loves and go ahead. For something more personal, you can include a narration with your voices. Just upload it to an online platform and share your creation with it. You will love it!

Finally, how about offering something he never imagined winning, like Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet & Beer Mug? The present demonstrates masculinity, at the same time that it is a super affectionate gesture!

Book of memories – Currently, we have the habit of keeping our photos and souvenirs only digitally. For that reason, creating a book that illustrates the special moments you lived with your father will be a great gift.

The idea is easy to put into practice, but the result of the tribute for Father’s Day will be surprising. Just use a notebook or organizer and add some photos. Then combine stories, dreams, memories, paintings, inspirational messages and whatever else you want. Here, creativity is the key!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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