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Amazing anniversary gift ideas for your husband that you should know

Shopping for anniversary gifts for your husband can be fun, but you may need a little bit of encouragement. Some try to keep to the wedding anniversary list by year ideology, matching their main present to the theme of that year. Others are more modernised or practical with their anniversary gifts; getting their partners items they need or that are fashionable at the time. Whichever way it goes, there are some really great anniversary gifts out there for your partner, some of which are highlighted below.

Story of you collage or photo book

This is a great gift for the first year of marriage as it matches with the paper theme. It is also great for couples that have a great story of how they got together, or many memories shared that they hold very dearly. It is a thoughtful present, suitable for any man, but especially one that really appreciates such a cute present.

A new watch

This is a timeless gift idea for any man that is stylish and into their appearance. A new watch can be expensive, but it is a really amazing gift that can be personalised or made into a theme for other presents to come. If you purchase a watch in a specific brand, this could be the theme of birthday presents to come and other important milestones.

A wallet

A wallet is a great third year marriage present as it fits with the leather theme associated with said year. Any wallet can be personalised and used, like the watch as a starting point to a theme or brand that you can keep on purchasing it. You could fill the wallet with foreign money to a destination you are taking them, or with a picture of you both together.

An experience

Whilst this is quite broad, it could be a great present for your husband any year. If he likes golf, football or sports then you could get him an experience associated with this. You could purchase a couple’s holiday and take him to a destination that he has been dying to go to for a while. Anything that will make him feel special, appreciated and understood.

New clothes

This could possibly fit the 2nd year of marriages theme, cotton, 3rd year of marriages theme, leather and the seventh years of wool. This is a fool proof present for any male; usually a husband will not purchase clothing as often as their female counterpart. This means that they would be more grateful for your to choose them and help them keep in the latest styles.


Some men really appreciate new pieces of jewellery in every capacity, from necklaces to rings, earrings to bracelets. There are many different male jewellery outlets that can accommodate your husbands every needs, these kind of gifts are great for years 8, the 25th, 30th and 50th wedding anniversary too.

Their favourite drink

Gifting your husband with a limited edition of their favourite drink, be it whiskey to wine. There are many vendors that now specialise in these requests and they can even add specialised dates or other personalisation. Husbands are quite difficult to buy for but a collectable item like this is a great investment.

Hobby lessons or practise opportunities

If your husband is an avid sports enthusiast purchasing them lessons for their favourite sport could be a really thoughtful and useful gift. This allows them to have some time by themselves, focusing on what they love to do. Whilst it might be nice to purchase something you can do together, you need to give your husband a chance to have some time away focusing on themselves too.


There are many other amazing gifts that you can purchase for your husbands, it all depends on the type of person they are. Remember to focus on your husband’s favourite things, personalise it and make it special to him. You can order anniversary gifts online for convenient and hassle-free shopping, ensuring you find the perfect token of love and appreciation for your special occasion.

The more time you spend planning the gift, or the effort that you put into it, then more rewarding it will be when you present it to your other half. After the years it can get tough to second-guess the present that he may want, remember to speak to them and find out exactly what they are into at that time.

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