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Boiler Installation Complete Guide By Local Professionals

Boiler installation in london is a very critical task and if not done properly can lead to problems in future. No boiler lasts forever. The best ones will work properly for 10 or 12 years. At some time you will have to replace it with a new one. In this article, we have shared everything that you need to know about boiler installation in London.

Replace or Repair

First thing you need to decide between whether to replace or repair the boiler. If your boiler is too old and not performing well, get it checked by a professional heating engineer in London and take a decision after that. Below are some of the things you should check your boiler for and decide yourself.

Is it too old?

First thing is to see how old your boiler is. If you are using it for the last 10 or 15 years then it’s good to go for a replacement then for a repair because the money you will be spending on the repair of the boiler will get equals to the price of a new boiler one day.

Moreover, you should always replace the old boiler even if it’s working fine because it can never compete with the efficiency of a new boiler with the latest technology. New boiler installation allows you to get rid of boiler repair for at least a year or two but still if there is any problem you can get it fixed for free or by paying half the fees if it’s under warranty.

Your energy bills are rising

If you have noticed a rise in energy bills without installing a new electrical appliance, it’s time to check your boiler. You may find it working fine but its efficiency is lower as compared to the past and uses more electricity to meet your needs and provides the same level of hot water. In this situation, the first thing you should do is to service it and get it checked by a professional heating engineer. However if after service you don’t see any improvement in your old boiler it’s time to get it replaced with a new one.

Water leak

Sometimes you may see water coming out of the pipes which is normal in winters but if you notice that it’s not stopping, immediately get it checked by a professional before the problem gets worse. Water leak can be very dangerous if it gets in contact with electricity and can damage your property too.

Parts are expensive or hard to find

During repair, if you find out that parts are too expensive or very hard to find, consider installing a new boiler, that will save you a lot of money and in future if it gets any fault would be very easy for you to repair or find its parts.

Boiler is making noise

Noise in the boiler is a big sign of a fault in the system. It can be because of two reasons either the pipes are blocked and water isn’t circulating freely in it or any fault in the system. You can overcome this by power flushing the boiler by an expert.

Home temperature is not comfortable any more

Temperature of your rooms or house isn’t what you want it to be. Water isnt heating up properly, It’s time to replace your boiler with a new efficient one to control your house temperature.

Choosing The Right Boiler

The most important decision is choosing the right boiler for your needs. You can get expert advice from your engineer but still before making a selection keep the following points in mind.

Water Usage

Water usage is the main thing in the selection of a boiler. If you have a large family and water usage is more then you should go for a conventional gas boiler that can fulfil your need for more water.

Space you have for boiler

If you have allocated less space for the boiler then the best option is to go for a combi boiler that doesn’t need a lot of space as it is very compact in size. Moreover, unlike conventional boilers, there is no need for a hot water cylinder.

Best Time To Install A New Boiler

There is no specific time for boiler installation in London because as the old boiler breaks down you have to replace it with a new one immediately but if your boiler is not efficient and you are planning to get it changed, it is advised to do it in summer as you won’t need hot water.

Compare Quotes Of Different Companies

Things To Expect During Installation

When a gas safe registered engineer arrives at your property he will do several checks before installation of a new boiler to get a clear idea of the location and its surroundings. First, he will check how many bathrooms you have in your house, location of the old boiler and how the pipes are installed for water flow and water pressure.

Boiler installation won’t take more than a day if its a swap like conventional for conventional or combi for combi but if you are replacing a combi boiler with a conventional boiler it may take more than a day as more space is required for conventional boiler, more pipes need to be installed.

Pricing can be a problem when you don’t get a fixed price quote in advance. Boiler installation in London can cost between 3000 to 5000 pounds but its always good to get a fixed price on-call or after the site survey is done to avoid problems on installation day.

What to expect after installation is done

Once installation is done your boiler installation engineer will do all the necessary documentation and inform your local authorities about it. You will also get a building regulation certificate if you don’t, ask the engineer immediately.

Almost all of the companies will give you a guarantee of their work. Depending on the reputation of the company you will get a guarantee of five years or more. If you notice an issue in the boiler after the installation makes sure to contact the company immediately and explain everything. A good company will either fix it for free or will bear the cost if you plan to do it by someone else.

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