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Construction Industry Experts Launch New Business Venture ‘Defect Assist’

Two Leeds-based construction industry veterans have launched a new business venture ‘Defect Assist’, offering consultancy, support and assistance specifically for homebuyers who are having problems with their new build properties.

With over half a century of collective experience in the field, specifically within the building surveying, building regulations and insurance sectors, Defect Assist’s founders and Directors, Glenn Gale and Rob Clay-Parker, are hoping to use their expertise to help combat and resolve the rising number of major problems that more and more buyers of new homes are encountering nationwide.

Unlike a typical snagging company, Defect Assist is instead available to identify serious defects where a developer has not complied with the technical manual of its warranty company, or correctly followed Building Regulations. This unique service stems from the founders’ experiences, that has equipped them with a detailed knowledge of the issues people are having, and the warranty policies that are meant to cover them.

Rob offered his thoughts on the main reasons why these defects are occurring:

“The construction industry has seen huge growth over the last two decades, while at the same time, skilled labour has reduced significantly and more rigorous building and construction standards have been put in place. This in turn has had knock-on effects on the quality of the properties that have been built by developers across the country.

“In addition, more stringent safety measures and financial constraints have reduced the time Site Managers have for quality control. Equally, many developers have an over reliance on Warranty and Building Control, whose visits to sites are becoming more and more infrequent and are causing construction standards to drop.”

Glenn went on to add his summation of how Defect Assist can help:

“We want to help our customers find the resolutions they deserve. If we find that their new build problem(s) are covered by technical guidance, regulation or manufacturer’s requirements, we can help get these issues acknowledged and sorted by those who are responsible for doing so.

“We also know that it can be challenging for your average homebuyer to have to deal with these situations, as they can be awkward and hard to understand – especially if you’re dealing with something as intricate as a warranty policy. But we know how to ask the tough questions and can be a mediator between everyone involved.”

As part of the launch, Defect Assist is currently offering customers a free initial consultation. Also, alongside its claims support and resolution services for new build problems, the company provides surveys and specialist reports and even emergency home repairs.  

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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