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Consumers and brands alike are becoming interested in CBD for dogs

Consumers are becoming familiar with seeing medicinal and recreational cannabis products on the shelves of their local dispensaries, pharmacies, and even grocery stores. With an increasing number of products getting the cannabis treatment – from edibles and sodas to bath bombs – the age of mainstream cannabis has truly arrived.

But one area of cannabis innovation that’s still turning heads is the arrival of pet CBD. Now, it’s not unusual to find a CBD section containing infused oils, treats, and balms in your local pet store.

While they can work for all kinds of pets, the vast majority of these pet CBD products are aimed at dogs and their owners. As active and intelligent animals, dogs are vulnerable to a number of conditions that can be improved with CBD supplementation. These include canine anxiety and arthritis, as well as chronic seizures and diseases.

In response to consumer interest, a growing number of cannabis and pet brands are pivoting towards CBD for dogs. Here’s a look at how consumers have become interested in the pet CBD market, and how brands are responding.

Consumers and pet CBD

One way of showing consumer interest in pet CBD products is by looking at the shopping habits of dog owners in the US. According to a Neilsen Group report, a whopping three-quarters of people who buy CBD products own a pet, while around 13% of dog owners are already giving their pet some form of CBD.

Stats such as these show a clear openness towards CBD supplements, both for humans and pets. They also suggest that dog owners are driving the growth of pet CBD, meaning that products will continue to be tailored towards dogs over other domestic animals.

More generally, Google search data shows that interest in pet CBD has been increasing online since late 2016. Search queries grew in mid-2019 and have held steady since. Searches for CBD oil for dogs are evenly distributed throughout the country, suggesting potential consumers in every part of the US.

As positive online reviews from owners and word-of-mouth recommendations begin to spread, pet CBD is becoming one of the best-performing sectors in the entire cannabis industry. Data from Grand View Research suggests a potential annual growth rate of 40% from a market value that was already over 25 million dollars in 2019 alone.

Brands and pet CBD

In response to the growing demand for pet CBD products, small and large companies alike are pivoting their product lines. It’s not uncommon for mom-and-pop CBD businesses to offer pet products alongside their main range. Well-known cannabis companies like Canopy Growth, Charlotte’s Web, & CBD Oil Canada, who also traditionally sell products for humans, are now adding product lines specifically for dogs.

As for pet companies, industry leaders like Nestle, who own various sub-brands including Purina, now sell CBD for pets under the brand name Garden of Life. Many bespoke and small-batch pet food producers also offer CBD treats and snacks.

Alongside these shifting product lines are pet-only CBD brands, which breed hemp plants and create cannabis extracts with the exact needs of dogs and other pets in mind. These brands have a deep knowledge of how different cannabinoids can be used to treat common canine conditions, and often infuse their products with other animal supplements like turmeric and glucosamine.

The most popular pet CBD products are formulated as oil tinctures, which can be mixed into food or dropped directly into dog’s mouths. Other formats include treats, sprays, balms, and creams.

Retailers and pet CBD

For a period during the expansion of the CBD market, growth was inhibited by a lack of retail opportunities. Cannabis products were only available in certain states and were often restricted to licensed dispensaries.

Since amendments to the 2018 federal Farm Bill, however, cannabis products made from non-psychoactive hemp have been legally produced and sold across the country. This opened up retail opportunities that many large chains have taken advantage of. Pharmacies like CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and Rite Aid all carry (or intend to carry) CBD topicals, while grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market and Target now sell a selection of CBD products.

Pet stores are also jumping on the CBD bandwagon. PetSmart first began stocking CBD products in 2020, while Petco offers several of the leading pet CBD brands both online and in-store. Alongside the larger chains are thousands of smaller pet retailers across the country who are now several years into stocking CBD supplements for dogs and cats.

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