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Development of junket tourism

How to spend your vacation? This is the number one problem at any time of the year. Although in summer tourists most often go to the sea, and in winter to ski resorts, there are places that are interesting all year round. So, gambling people, in addition to non gamstop UK casinos, can choose a junket tour anywhere in the world and enjoy all the benefits of a luxury vacation.

Junket tours are also called casino tours – they are organized “from and to” trips to gambling establishments. At the same time, the voucher implies a full range of services: comfortable transfer, comfortable accommodation, playing in the casino itself and, if necessary, spa, excursions and other types of entertainment. It’s nice that there are many standard junket tours, and that you can choose the conditions for your individual holiday.

Junket tours are incredibly popular and are becoming more and more popular, since the price of such a vacation is comparable to a regular sea tour. And since part of the casino is located close to attractions and beaches, many decide to combine a beach holiday with gambling. Some tourists decide to change the virtual pleasures of the game for real ones.

For the first time, casino tours appeared in the USA and Europe, but in recent years they have been actively developing on the territory of the CIS in special recreational zones.

Nuances of organizing junket tours

Although a casino tour can be completely customized, starting from the number of days of stay, ending with the conditions of accommodation and games, most gambling travelers prefer the standard options. It’s easier and much cheaper this way. The casinos have already provided the best options in terms of value for money. Mostly junkets are organized according to the “all inclusive” system.

For its part, the casino provides full security for the player during his stay on the tour, but on the other hand, the client signs an agreement and undertakes to play on the terms of the gambling house.

How is the transfer organized?

In most cases, the organizer takes care of the transfer. And usually comfortable modes of transport are used for this. Much depends on the distance between the client and the casino.

If the client is at a distance of several tens of kilometers, the transfer is usually carried out on comfortable buses or cars, up to the fact that the guest will be picked up right from home in a luxury limousine.

Luxury train transfers are popular in Japan and the EU. This is due to the fact that the countries have a well-developed railway network, and there are comfortable compartments that will allow the player to feel surrounded by care and luxury even before entering the gambling house.

When traveling long distances, the organizers offer several types of air travel. At the same time, travelers must be delivered to the casino from the airport by car. And at the end of the vacation, they are also brought by car to the terminal.

If the junket tour is organized according to the highest standard, the client can be taken to the gambling house by helicopter. Fast and effective!

Where do the participants of the junket tour live?

The standard package implies accommodation of players at a gambling establishment or in a hotel closest to the casino. But with an individual order of the tour, any options are possible. At the same time, the tour organizer is engaged in the search and booking of accommodation that the customer needs. And you can choose anything you want: an apartment, a house or even a whole estate. Naturally, all this is reflected in the budget.

Conditions for visiting the casino

Since the junket tour is organized in a casino and its main goal is to provide as many gambling opportunities as possible to the traveler, each contract stipulates the conditions for visiting the casino.

It is thanks to the well-thought-out system of describing the conditions of the game that the organizers get the opportunity to recoup the cost of the tour, and the players get the chance to play practically without restrictions.

Terms and conditions of the casino game contract

Going on a junket tour, it is imperative to read the terms of the contract, and not only the part where the casino undertakes to provide maximum comfort. The traveler also has obligations.

  • Obligation to buy chips for a specified amount or more.
  • Obligation to play the listed games. Since the casino provides benefits, it also introduces restrictions on the game, this is reminiscent of the conditions for wagering bonuses in non gamstop betting sites
  • Obligation to fulfill bets in certain amounts, not exceeding the maximum, and not less than the minimum.
  • Obligation to stay in gambling halls for at least a specified number of hours.

Since the payback of junket tours depends on compliance with these conditions, it is normal practice to open special deposit accounts. On these accounts, customers put the amount that they undertake to put in the casino, according to the terms of the signed agreement.

Convenience is that you don’t have to carry cash with you. No one will steal them and the player himself will not lose them. You can play directly from your account, without having to deal with cash at all. Winnings can be credited to the same account.

At the end of the tour, the traveler freely closes the deposit, withdrawing all the money without restrictions, including the accrued winnings.

Junket tours are a great alternative to the usual quiet rest, as it allows you to fully satisfy your feeling of excitement. And it depends only on the player where he will go and on what conditions he will rest.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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