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Where Can you Buy Soju in Singapore?

Soju is a drink that is very popular throughout Korea. Traditional Soju is made out of rice, but there are some that are available today that are made out of starches such as barley, tapioca, and potatoes.

Soju is colorless and clear. The popular alcoholic drink tastes a bit like vodka, but is much sweeter as there are many sugars added when it is manufactured. The alcoholic content is very high with concentration typically being anywhere from 16 percent to 45 percent. If you cannot hold your liquor, be very careful when consuming.

 Typically, you can buy Soju in Singapore at many of the local bars and Korean restaurants as it is typically drunk with a group. You pour it into shot glasses and drink it together. Soju is also a popular ingredient in many types of cocktails.

Places in Singapore Selling Soju

There are many stores and restaurants throughout Singapore that serve and sell Soju. Here are some of the places you can find this very popular alcoholic beverage.

Prime Liquor

 Prime Liquor is a store in Singapore that sells many varieties of alcoholic beverages including Soju. You can purchase Soju in the store or you can also order it for delivery if you live within a certain distance. There are several Prime Liquor stores located throughout the city, which makes it easy to find one close that you can get your soju from.

Shine Korea Supermarket

 If you are searching for Soju in Singapore, one of the best places to go is a Korean grocery store. Shine Korea Supermarket has several locations including one in Burlington Square, Bras Basah Complex, and another in Bugis Village. Along with many popular Korean items, these supermarkets typically have several choices of soju available for you to purchase.


Another liquor store in Singapore that carries the wonderful soju is Drink2Connect. Here you will find many different options of soju from which to choose. The liquor store is located in Oxley BizHub


 If you are looking to enjoy some soju with some friends along with a great meal, try out Bang Korean restaurant. This great Korean restaurant has a great menu and a wonderful and fun atmosphere. It is located in Singapore close to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.


 PintsnBottles is a liquor store located in HB Centre. Here you will find many wonderful options when it comes to soju. One of the great perks about shopping here is that the store often offers some great bundle deals on your favorite soju brands and flavors.

Koryo Mart

 Another Korean market with several locations throughout Singapore is Koryo Mart. The store offers many traditional Korean items including soju.

Joo Bar

 If you want to spend the night out with some friends enjoying some great soju offerings, Joo Bar is a great choice. This fun bar has a lot to offer including some great mixed soju drinks. If you are not a fan of soju, they also have Hite beer available. Singapore

 If you are not in the mood to go out, but you are craving some soju, Singapore has you covered. You can order all of your favorite soju and have it delivered right to your door. You can make an order at any time of the day or night as this service is available 24 hours.


Another great delivery option for when you are craving some soju but do not want to leave your house is Cellarbration. This is a great place to order soju from when you want it quickly and live close.

Booze Buddy Singapore

 Booze Buddy in Singapore offers many great alcoholic beverages to purchase. If you are looking for soju in Singapore, you should be able to find it on the shelves at this great liquor store.

Jelita Minimart

 The Jelita minimart is a convenience store in Far East Plaza. Here you will find all things convenient, including bottles of soju to enjoy.

 Overall, if you are looking for soju in Singapore, you should be able to find it no matter where you are located in the city.

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