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How to Look After Expensive Phones

When you’ve spent a large sum of money on a shiny new phone, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to look after it. Whilst it may not look new forever, if you’re in a long contract with your phone provider, you’ll want to ensure that it endures the course of that contract. If you then want to be able to sell the phone when you want a new one, faults should be kept to a minimum.

Companies like Apple and Samsung are continuously rolling out new phones. The specific maintenance each device needs may differ, but there are fundamentals that will apply no matter what brand you own.

Here are some essential tips to help you care for your phone.

Keep it Protected

If you don’t already have a protective case, you need to invest in one. The price is low compared to what you’ll have just paid on your device, and ultimately, it will save you money in the long run if you end up shattering your screen.

Many phone users avoid buying a case as they prefer the way it looks without one. But will you really prefer it if it looks smashed? You can find cases in an array of colours and styles, so if you’re worried about the aesthetics, you can do some browsing and buy one that appeals to your tastes.

As well as cases, screen protectors are worth their weight in gold. This provides a shield, that is barely visible, which will protect your phone screen. Screen protectors do not impact the phone’s usability and are very inexpensive.

Consider the Weather

If you experience cold temperatures where you live, or are going to be exposing your device to the elements during winter, then you need to be wary. Low temperature has often been an enemy for phones and can cause them to stop working altogether. A common occurrence is that it will cause the battery to decrease at a much more rapid rate.

Whilst the battery life may not be a big worry for you, the actual phone chip on some handsets can condense, which would require a more significant fix at a phone repair shop.

If you are going to be out in the cold, ensure you keep your phone warm in your pockets and avoid getting it out too much.

Warm weather can also impact your device. If you’ve ever been out sunbathing and had your phone on display, you may be familiar with the overheating warning. To prevent this happening, keep your phone hidden away in the shade.

Charge It Correctly

Consistently letting your phone lose its charge will impact how long it lasts. Most smartphones should start charging at fifteen percent. If you’re out without access to a charger and want to prolong battery life, consider battery saving tips such as using auto-brightness, muting notifications and closing apps that are running in the background.

You should also be wary of using low quality chargers. If possible, stick to the branded ones or choose another supplier that you know is reliable.

Clean Up the Junk

Phone memory needs to be cleaned from time to time. The longer you keep the device, the more junk it will accumulate as you download more information. Freeing your phone’s RAM is also very important as it will reduce bugs and glitches.

Keep it Clean

Expensive phones often carry a higher price tag when they have large touch screens. This feature has made certain devices extremely popular. Naturally, the larger your screen is the more likely it will be to collect scratches and stains. If you have a screen protector, make sure you are regularly wiping it down to prevent dust getting stuck down the sides.

Dust can also easily get stuck in your charging port and speakers. In some cases if a lot of dirt is in there, or it’s been dropped in water and has become waterlogged, you will need to take it into a phone repair store to get it properly cleaned.

Nowadays most protectors come with a small microfiber cloth which can quickly wipe away any dirt. Make sure you keep hold of this and utilise it when needed. Wet wipes can also be a great choice.

If you do have a phone case, then this will help to add another barrier against any spillages.

Store Your Phone Safely

Find a safe spot for your phone when you are not using it, especially if you’re working in a busy environment. Leaving your phone in an open environment will not only increase the chances of it getting knocked onto the floor, but it will also make it much more likely to get stolen. If you can keep it locked away somewhere whilst you are working, or safe in a zipped pocket whilst you’re out in public, you should be able to avoid thieves.

Phones can also overheat when charging and in rare cases, some have even caught fire. This is just something to be cautious of when leaving your phone to charge on its own.

Update Your Apps Regularly

If you keep all of your apps up to date, you’ll find that your phone will work faster. These updates are essential for fixing bugs and improving usability. Most devices do update apps automatically, but if yours doesn’t, you need to make sure you’re visiting your app store and doing them manually.

The core system update for your phone is also essential. When you receive a notification that a new update is available, let it run as soon as possible so you can keep your phone running as quickly as possible.  


If you want to avoid replacing your phone and taking it in for repairs, make sure you look after it properly. As soon as you make the purchase, get a case to go alongside of it so that it’s not without protection. In the event that you do smash the glass, have it looked at promptly to ensure the damage doesn’t worsen.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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