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Problems With Cheap Light Therapy Devices

Among all the therapies out there, bright light therapy has become the most popular one in recent times. In fact, light therapy has brought a revolution in the world of therapy with the manifold benefits it provides to the users. You can deal with many different issues by going through light therapy such as skin problems, muscle recovery, muscle building, hair loss problems, pains, injuries, sleeping problems, even mental health problems too. Many different pieces of research conducted over the years have let us know about these amazing benefits of light therapy. You can easily get light therapy at your home all by yourself by using a light therapy device.

Based on the wavelength and color of the light, light therapy can be of different types, such as red light therapy, blue light therapy, amber light therapy, white light therapy, etc. Lights of different colors deal with different sets of issues. And based on that light therapy devices can be of different types. And as said earlier, these light therapy devices can help you deal with many various issues, both mental and physical, and all these usefulness of light therapy have made light therapy devices very desirable to people. And many people have started getting light therapy devices for themselves to get the therapy at their home, for which these devices are in high demand in the market.

There are light therapy devices of many different brands available in the market, and the prices and qualities of these devices vary hugely from one another based on their types and brands. Big light therapy brands such as Bueur, Platinum Therapy Lights, Mito Red Lights, Verilux, Carex, Joov, Neutrogena, Northern Lights are mainly popular in the industry, and most people go for the devices manufactured by these and other similar types of brands. But there are also other manufacturers available in the industry, which you can go for. But not all light therapy devices out there are of good quality.

If you go for a light therapy device of not so good quality, you won’t be able to get your desired result regarding your issue from the device. The therapy might also take away a longer time than usual to provide the expected results. Anyway, there are many ways of knowing if a light therapy device is of good quality or not. Many of the customers are always looking for affordable options, which they obviously should, as going over the budget for getting something isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll have to make a budget and then find a device that suits your needs and preferences well.

But devices of most of the popular light therapy brands cost a lot, in fact, light therapy devices are quite expensive in general. But some manufacturers claim to provide all the said benefits through their devices for such a low price. They sell cheap light therapy devices and claim that they’ll work as good as the expensive ones. But the thing is, most cheap devices aren’t able to provide the desired benefits. To make the device cheaper, and more affordable for most people, the manufacturers of the cheap devices have to compromise on many different things. Many people might go for them as they’re affordable options, but in the end, they might not be of much use. In many areas, they can be problematic, and overall, they won’t even provide the value for the low amount you paid. Let’s have a look at the problems with cheap light therapy devices.


The main problem you’ll face with cheap light therapy devices is that they won’t be much durable. The product will be manufactured using cheap materials, which won’t be able to hold on for long. The durability of the device is really important, as you might want to use it for a long time, and want to carry it with you to different places. And without durability, these will be hard to pull off. Your cheap device might break or get damaged due to minor inconveniences.

Light Strength

Light strength is a really important factor for light therapy devices, as the light has to be really strong so that it can mimic the sunlight, and penetrate human skin as well as muscles and bones. But if the light doesn’t have much strength, you won’t get the needed result. And in cheap devices, the strength must be below the mark, as strong light-emitting diodes are expensive. No way anyone can sell devices at cheap prices after using expensive up-to-the-mark diodes. So, cheap devices won’t provide the necessary light strength.


Cheap light therapy devices won’t definitely provide as many features as the expensive ones. Portability and many other features might get excluded from the cheap devices.

Treatment Options

Cheap devices don’t provide as many treatment options as expensive ones can provide. A single light therapy device can provide treatment for many different issues, also can emit multiple colors of light, which is not an option with the cheap ones.


As said earlier, due to not having enough light strength and treatment options, cheap light therapy devices won’t be much effective for dealing with different issues as per the needs of a user.

Final Words

So, even if expensive light therapy devices might be a little tough to afford, you should go for them if you can manage to do so. Cheap light therapy devices won’t be of any good ultimately, so your money will get wasted anyway. So, make sure to get a good quality device so that you can get the perfect result, and even if that’s expensive, you’ll get the perfect value for your money.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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