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Humaidi Family Kuwait-Based Holding Group Developing Tourist Attractions Around the World

As the world starts to anticipate a return to normalcy after the international health pandemic, many global citizens are becoming increasingly interested in planning travel. To this end, much attention has been paid to some of the newest worldwide tourist attractions that are currently in development and nearing completion. In this regard, the Humaidi Family Kuwait-based holding group, Kuwait European Holding, is blazing territory both in its region and around the world. This work includes developments in both the Middle East and Europe. Read on for a look at how the family is developing tourist attractions that are causing travelers across the globe to stop and take notice.

Humaidi Family Kuwait Completion of Aqueous Resort

One of the major recent accomplishments of the Humaidi Family in Kuwait and elsewhere has been the completion of Phase 1 construction on the Aqueous Resort. The resort, which is based in Al Qusair, Egypt, is part of a larger plan to not only draw visitors to the completed facility but also to establish the town and surrounding area as an attraction in its own right. This goal is aimed not only at world travelers seeking a place for a short-term trip, but also for those interested in long-term living in one of the area’s most beautiful locations.

The site for the recently completed construction draws much of its beauty from the natural attractions that surround Al Qusair. One such attraction that has helped build a fair amount of international interest in the new development is a private beach that abuts the Red Sea. With warm waters and fine sand that calls to mind already popular locations in the Caribbean and elsewhere, the destination has been heralded as one of the region’s true natural treasures. Coupled with the year-round sunshine that gives the area a characteristic warmth, the beach has long been a favorite destination for seasoned travelers.

Pre-arranged expeditions in the area also provide plenty of adventure and excitement for guests seeking to enjoy the region’s underwater beauty. These excursions allow guests to dive deep into the sea itself to get a firsthand look at an array of wildlife. This includes a diverse range of fish and coral reefs. Artificial landmarks are also present in the form of sunken ships that once traveled the sea in years gone by.

Development Encourages Quality Time

A priority of the Humaidi Family in Kuwait and elsewhere has been to encourage guests to make time to enjoy the company of those most important in their life. For many, this means finding time to be around one’s family and friends. To help bring groups together for this type of quality get-together, the Aqueous Resort is designed with expansive outdoor spaces of varying sizes. These spaces can accommodate a variety of gatherings and range from intimate private areas fit for a small family to large pavilions where expansive groups can gather.

In order to accomplish this, the resort’s outdoor space has been designed as a series of cloistered gathering areas shaded by natural and artificial structures. The design also encompasses a winding pool and additional bodies of water in which resort visitors can cool off during a hot day. As the sun sets and night filters over the sky, the main outdoor area becomes tastefully lit to allow groups to continue to socialize and enjoy the company of others.

Developments by Humaidi Family — Kuwait to Europe

Beyond their work in the Middle East, the family has also worked to invest in developments in other regions of the world as well. One of the family’s biggest undertakings in this regard is set to be its new London-based themed resort. The resort, which will feature a wide variety of rides and consumer opportunities, is set to open in 2024. At a planned size that would stretch across more than 130 Wembley Stadiums, the resort will be one of the biggest in the area and is already anticipated to become a major attraction in a city that has no shortage of visitors.

The creation of the resort includes partnerships with the BBC and Paramount Pictures, which indicates the inclusion of content from some of the world’s most beloved films and television shows. In addition to these entertainment properties, the resort is also planning to theme each of its six lands with additional original storytelling and narratives in order to create a fully immersive experience for visitors. This will include themes that touch on elements of fantasy, science fiction, and modern-day storytelling.

Environmental Activism

One common theme throughout the family’s many developments across the world has been the manner in which it steps up to the responsibility it feels towards the environment. An example drawn from the design of the London-based themed resort includes plans to make the facility 100% operationally carbon-neutral, a massive undertaking for a development of its size. The family has also committed to creating protected wildlife habitats nearby in order to help encourage biodiversity and the continued existence of native species in the area.

The family has also ensured that its developments exist in harmony with the communities in which they are built in order to maintain a thoroughly positive influence from its work. For the Aqueous Resort, this can be seen in the way the development collaborates with local vendors and restaurants to bring needed economic stimulus to the area. It has also made sure that the impact of the construction will not negatively impact the community, instead of helping it to preserve its traditional way of life. In London, similar measures are being undertaken to ensure that the themed resort will also provide jobs and economic stimulation to the area. In addition, the development will incorporate a number of publicly accessible green spaces to provide additional benefits to the local community.

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