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Social Listening for Agencies: Things You Need To Know

Social listening is an advanced social media analysis and measurement that enables us to keep a surveillance on the mention of keywords related to a brand, get insights and knowledge about your target audience, generate leads, enhance audience engagement, find a suitable SEO reseller or impactful influencers and bloggers for your brand marketing and research for contents that can promote your brand recognition. Around 63% of agencies firmly believe in the rise of social listening as an effective marketing tool in the industry. That brings us to the discussion of social listening and why is it crucial for agencies.

What is Social Listening for Agencies?

Social listening is one of the effective tools used by agencies to collect data from social media platforms to create insights and analysis about latest trends and preferences of their target audience. Agencies use this tool to collect fast raw insights for brand promotion. Social listening is beneficial for the agencies to come up with a proper solution for their consumer satisfaction beforehand.

Social listening or monitoring enhances the capabilities of agencies to outreach their target audience immediately with great satisfactory outcomes for their needs and desires.

About 51% of agencies have adopted the use of this tool in any capacity.

Why Do Agencies Need Social Listening?

Agencies are now shifting to the use of social listening due to its accurate precision about the needs and wants of consumers. It gives insight about the flow of the market through trends and connects the agencies with the consumers to serve their purpose for generating leads and reaching marketing success. About 73% marketers believe in the effectiveness of social listening to connect with their target consumers.

Agencies that do not follow and use social listening as an effective artificial intelligence tool goes through set back in the competitive market. Consumers who feel engaged with their brand agencies in social media platforms tend to spend 40% more with them than other consumers. So it’s better to use social listening for generating more leads and revenue for agencies. Several other reasons that can encourage the need of this tool for agencies are:

  • Growth and Perception: Your brand recognition and growth depends upon the consumer satisfaction. This consumer experience and satisfaction cannot be analyzed on the basis of assumptions. Here social listening is used to collect brand mentions through comments, reviews, blogs in the social platforms, brand conversation volumes, etc to the insights of consumers about the brand. This will help to identify issues through analysis which can be rectified by strategies to restructure the agency perception in the market.
  • Implementing Campaign and Content Strategies: Agencies need social listening analytics to create campaigns for emotionally engaging their consumers. Agencies make content strategies through social monitoring about insights of consumers’ interest and engaged spot in social media. This helps them to develop contents for sharing on those platforms to keep them engaged with your brand. Implementing these strategies helps in the growth of brands and agencies in the market.
  • Innovative Plans for Launches: Agencies are now using social listening to look out for the accurate time for launches of products in the market. They create analysis charts and data about the supply needs, demand, interest, trends, brand view and products requirement to deliver the range of product launches accordingly in the market. They create innovative plans and narrow down the opportunities in their favor for successful product launches.

How Do Brands Assess Social Listening Options?

Consumers share information and insights about a particular brand or agency on online platforms daily. This information can be shared online in a proper structural way or in an unstructured manner that can make it difficult for AI to understand. This has created a huge concern about getting the right social listening tool that enables exceptional accuracy. Getting wrongful insights can disrupt the analytical process and affect the efficiency of work. Quick insights through social listening tools are the foremost priority of agencies, but reconsideration should be done if there are any signs of accuracy problems. Agencies should look for social listening tools that consist of:

  • Query generation and Reporting options.
  • Query segmentation for analytical procedure.
  • Limitation to personal data and perceiving data allowed by social media
  • Accurate data, reviews and blogs from social media for useful insights.
  • Ability of sampling that ensures maximum accuracy

Ending Note:

Agencies can connect with the consumers through multiple social media platforms. It is still difficult to know the insight knowledge of their real opinion, views and interests about a brand or product. The needs and desires of consumers are constantly shifting values from one brand to another. Here, social listening helps agencies to know useful insights about the change of perception, interest, reviews of consumers about a brand.

This helps them to work quickly in advance to come up with exceptional strategies and solutions to generate leads and greater returns. So get the best social listening tools to use it effectively for the growth and success of your brand and agency.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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