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Ayuso Announces New Maternity Aid In Madrid

The acting president of the Community of Madrid and candidate for the inauguration of the Presidency, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has bet on the first Investiture Debate for the birth rate and maternity aid to strengthen economic growth. In this way, Ayuso has announced, in addition to the personal income tax reduction by half a point , aid of 14,500 euros to pregnant women under 30 years of age, who have incomes of less than 30,000 euros per year and who have been registered in the Community.

Specifically, women under 30 will receive a grant of 500 euros per month from the fifth month of pregnancy and up to two years. The receipt of this income for 29 months, which totals 14,500 euros, will be fully compatible with the performance of a paid work activity by the beneficiaries.

The regional government foresees that between 12,000 and 14,000 women will be able to apply for this aid and that it will involve an investment of close to 250 million euros each year.

Likewise, pregnant women up to 35 years of age will have priority in the presentation of housing rental applications within the Vive Plan, and all mothers in the region who are unemployed, regardless of their age, will be able to participate in specific adapted job boards to their needs and in training plans with educational support in case they want to complete their studies.

“Without the growth of the birth rate, we will not have solid economic growth,” Díaz Ayuso stressed, while adding that “true feminism is to help women whatever their life project and not to confront them with men.” .

“The country needs twice as many births”
The candidate for the inauguration of the Presidency recalled that 56,000 children were born in the Community of Madrid in 2019, 24,000 fewer than in 2008 and has assured that “a country with a future needs at least twice as many births.”

“It is true that Madrid continues to be one of the youngest regions in Spain, and that we are one of the three communities in which there are more births than deaths, we want a Madrid that is committed to life, a region where children are the protagonists , a capital region, but human and joyful, that looks to the future and builds it, the region of families “, Díaz Ayuso highlighted.

Likewise, he has considered “essential that children are born for intergenerational solidarity to work, that the elderly pass their economic, cultural and personal inheritance to the youngest and live in a society capable of caring for them and giving them back what they have given us.”

“Ultimately, it is about the coexistence of the different generations,” said Ayuso, while ensuring that “economic deterioration and demographic deterioration feed off each other.” “As you do not see a future, you do not have children; and, as you do not have children, there is no future,” he declared.

Aid for the rental and purchase of housing
After announcing the largest tax reduction in the history of Madrid , the candidate for investiture has announced housing aid for young people, ranging from mortgage deductions, rental aid and direct aid to facilitate access to the purchase of a property.

In this sense, Ayuso has highlighted that the deduction for rent in personal income tax will be extended up to 1,200 euros, 20% more than the current limit, maintaining said deduction until the age of 40 if there is a situation of unemployment or family obligations and responsibilities. The deduction in the personal income tax fee of 25% of mortgage interest will also be maintained, with a maximum of 1,000 euros per year for people under 30 years of age.

In addition, the Community will complete the ‘Rent Young’ plan that, as Ayuso has pointed out, began on April 21 with the extension of the non-payment of income insurance up to two years for those under 35 years of age.

On the other hand, direct aid will also be provided to make it easier for young people to buy a home with the launch of the ‘My first home’ program. As Ayuso has highlighted, the plan will be aimed at those who, being solvent, do not have enough savings to contribute at the entrance and will help themselves with up to 20% of the value of the home by articulating a guarantee or insurance that allows them to access the mortgage.

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