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Will The Price Of Amazon Prime Also Go Up In Spain

Amazon is at the gates of its Prime Day 2021. Two days – this June 21 and 22 – in which the e-commerce giant will be filled with offers for its Prime customers, those who pay an annual membership for having exclusive advantages as free and fast shipping.

Amazon launched its Prime program in 2004 , initially to break the low recurrence of its customers in the United States, still not used to buying online. The promise: buy as much as you like with no shipping cost for two days.

That later evolved to the model we know today, getting users to receive their orders within 24 hours at home.

Today Prime users have many other benefits , such as access to Prime Video series and movies, Prime Music music, file storage in the cloud with Amazon Photos, flash offers and, of course, 24-hour delivery. and free shipping costs on thousands of products.

The price of Amazon Prime in Spain and how it has grown
Today, the cost of all these advantages in Spain is 36 euros a year , just 3 euros a month. The service arrived in Spain with Amazon in 2011 with a price at that time of 14.95 euros. Then it went up to 19.9 5, and in 2018 it did so to the current 36 euros per year.

Could you raise this price soon? The company has not given signs or announcements that it is going to do so, but if we look at the price in Spain compared to other countries, the truth is that in our country it is still extremely economical, even despite not having all the advantages it gives. in the United States, where the selection of articles or the Prime Video catalog is greater.

These are the prices of Amazon Prime in other countries currently:

  • United States: $ 119 per year
  • France: 49 euros per year
  • Germany: 69 euros per year

In the United States, the country of origin and reference, the last price increase also took place in 2018, when it went from 99 to 119 dollars a year . Before, the price had been $ 79 until 2014.

More than 2 million offers this Prime Day
For now, Amazon Prime subscribers in Spain can already enjoy the more than two million offers that will be available these days.

With offers in all categories and in its ‘Prime Video’ and Amazon Music services, this new ‘Prime Day’ will begin at midnight from June 20 to 21 and will last until June 22 for Amazon Prime customers in Spain , Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, United Arab Emirates, United States, France, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Singapore and Turkey.

Within the offers, more than one million will be from small and medium-sized companies around the world . Amazon Prime customers in Spain will be able to benefit from offers on products sold by SMEs in categories such as home, garden, food and sports, among others.

Amazon has highlighted that on this ‘Prime Day’ and throughout the year 2021 it will invest 85 million euros to support small businesses that sell their products through the company, including promotional activities.

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