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fatraven’s Platform Revolutionises the Recruitment Industry and Significantly Increases UK Businesses’ Return on Investment

An exceptionally diligent UK organization has begun to completely take the recruitment world by storm. That company is fatraven. The fatraven team founded the organization with a few key goals in mind – they wanted to help companies increase their return on investment and assist them in getting the ultimate insights into the labour market. The organization has simply smashed those targets and achieved incredible results for top UK businesses up and down the country. They currently source over 500,000 real-time jobs per month and have sourced in excess of 65 million jobs so far due to the incredible range of recruitment tools, data points and services that they offer.

An Industry-Best Platform for Powerful Recruitment Data Analytic

There are a few challenges that recruiting throws up for HR personnel in the UK, particularly the difficulty of analysing the talent market – but this is exactly where fatraven shines. The platform is confronting these difficulties head-on with a selection of remarkable, insightful and powerful data analytics products. Its data-driven ‘Talent market Insights report’ is a perceptive and in-depth pack that is giving UK businesses and decision-makers a huge boost.

The wealth of information offered by these reports is incredible. They include vital recruitment facts and statistics including but not limited to details on which regions have achieved the highest growth and information on the top cities that have achieved growth within the month. Its reports analyse and focus on the latest recruitment trends, which is ideal for keeping up with the pace of the recruitment industry. UK businesses are thoroughly reaping the many rewards of fatraven’s data analytics platform, as each of these services are directly leading to an increase in their business revenue, and a higher return on investment.

Just when you think fatraven couldn’t get any better, you will discover their remarkable premium pack that offers businesses more information on the talent market than ever before. Two of the shrewd and valuable services offered by fatraven’s premium pack include their detailed ‘Talent market Insights report’ and their ‘Competitor Intelligence Report’ – with which businesses can even keep one eye on the local labour market and the other on their competition. All of this is straightforward as the platform is user-friendly, can be used for a range of sectors and demographics, and its reports offer a level of detail that you simply wouldn’t get with traditional platforms.

Making Lead-Sourcing Simpler Than Ever With “Spotter” 

Talent acquisition isn’t always easy. More and more UK businesses and startups are finding it a challenge to understand the ever-evolving talent market.

But the powerful fatraven “Spotter” platform has changed all this. It sets the bar incredibly high when it comes to helping businesses scale in terms of development and finding the ideal leads for this purpose. Its clever and advanced AI-powered web application, for instance, uses modern data science and AI technology that goes well beyond traditional recruitment tools, making getting real-time leads easier than it has ever been.

It offers UK businesses a simple and direct way to pinpoint vacancies alongside the exact amount of business they are likely to receive, source leads with ease and get on-demand support related to business development.

In other words, it makes lead sourcing simple and gives businesses the support they’ve been looking for.

What also makes fatraven’s AI application industry best is that not only does it feature a personalized feed, the app can keep track of vacancies without missing any critical developments, as the data is even provided in real-time.

Enhancing the Recruitment Industry with 180 Degree Recruitment

Taking the 180-degree recruitment model to the next level, fatraven homes in on resourcing and sourcing profiles which directly enhances business development by 60%. This one-stop-shop for all things recruitment uses resource process outsourcing as a model to make recruitment easier for HR personnel in the UK. This means, as well as digging deeper to understand exactly what businesses need from their talent, the platform sources candidates and even arranges interviews.

It means that UK recruiters and head hunters across the country needn’t lift a finger when it comes to their recruitment needs, if they so choose, because fatraven works for them and considers all of their requirements. Their workload is significantly reduced as the service gives them the exact tools they need and streamlines mundane tasks, which also reduces time to hire (by up to 60%), and keeps recruiting costs low.

fatraven: A Superior Platform Bringing Big Changes to the UK Recruitment Industry

There are not many companies in the recruitment industry that can boast superior AI tech, exceptional data analytics, insightful reports and low-cost tools to make recruitment simple – as well as precise data on competitors and region-specific facts that assist UK businesses to scale. fatraven is an industry-leading organization that has taken things up a notch in the world of resource process outsourcing and recruitment. If you’re a head hunter, recruiter or part of a staffing agency, and want to make recruitment simpler, fatraven is just what you’ll need. Find out exactly why this platform is industry-best at

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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