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Here’s How You Can Buy The Perfect Mattress For Yourself If You Are Overweight

Trust me, nothing can even come close to the struggle of finding a good mattress for yourself, when you are overweight.

People who are on the heavier side of average, have to struggle to find a mattress that suits their body type and sleeping habits. Most mattresses in the market are made up of foam, which doesn’t provide adequate support to those who are overweight and can even contribute to overheating while sleeping since memory foam doesn’t allow much room for airflow.

That’s why in this article, we’re telling you how you can find the perfect mattress for yourself if you are overweight.

Top Features To Look For In The Mattress

The first step towards buying a mattress for yourself is to be aware of the kind of features you need to look for. This involves knowing what kind of design or material will be best suited to you, and why.

  1. Firmness – One of the primary things that overweight people need to look for in a mattress is top-notch firmness. Medium-firm or firm mattresses are ideal for people who are heavier than average, but some may even require an ultra-firm mattress to really ensure that their body is supported as best as possible. A firm mattress provides the uniform support your body needs, but it can be a bit uncomfortable to sleep on. So it is important to keep in mind that you need a combination of both support and comfort so that your posture remains correct and your body receives the support it needs while giving you plushness and comfort. The Sleep Shop has a good writeup that you can refer to know more about what kind of firm mattresses you should buy.
  1. Mattress Type – Mattress type also plays a really important role in determining how comfortably you sleep at night. However, deciding the time isn’t simple, since every type brings a different useful feature to the plate. Innerspring mattresses offer great support and overall comfort, whereas foam mattresses are lightweight and sturdy. Hybrids are also excellent as they combine the cooling airflow of latex along with the plush support of foam. According to us, latex mattresses and hybrids are great as they give you support and pressure relief along with proper ventilation and airflow, which is crucial for overweight people as they tend to sleep hot.
  1. Bounce / Response Rate – When you look through mattress models, you may notice a term called “response rate” mentioned in the descriptions. This basically refers to the “bounce” of the mattress and implies how long it takes for the mattress to rise up once you get up after sitting or laying down. For heavier people, a fast response rate is better as it implies the firmness of the mattress. Remember that the softer the mattress, the slower the response rate, and soft mattresses can be incredibly uncomfortable, and cause you to sink into the bed when you lay down. This not only makes sleeping uncomfortable but also makes getting up out of bed a difficult affair. It can also jeopardize your spinal posture and alignment, and intensify existing pains and issues like lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain.
  1. Mattress Thickness – If you are overweight, then you need a mattress that is thicker and taller. This is because thick mattresses ensure that there is no sinking, and your body is positioned well throughout the night. Using thick mattresses can also reduce the difficulties that may arise when you get out of bed, by giving you the right kind of support and lift. Depending on how heavy you are, decide upon the most suitable mattress thickness. A height of 7-10 inches is great for those who are slightly overweight, as it gives support but also plushness. 10-12 inches thickness is great for those who are fairly overweight, and higher than 12 inches is for those who are considerably overweight and need a lot of support.
  1. Pressure Relief – Last but not least, your mattress must give you adequate pressure relief and lower the severity of ailments like back pain and knee pain, all of which are common for those who are overweight. You need the mattress to keep your spine aligned and posture correct, and help your core muscles recover while taking off the pressure from your joints, shoulders, and more. This is especially important for those who suffer from chronic pain, as the wrong kind of mattress can make those issues worse.
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